How To Request a Harvard Application Fee Waiver Fast

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Everything You Should Know About the Harvard Application Fee

As one of the most prestigious institutions, Harvard is a dream school for many students. More than 40,000 people from all around the world apply for Harvard, but only around 2,000 get admitted.

If you are thinking about enrolling, you should take into account college application fees. The fees might be a great hit on your budget, but a fee waiver can help you save money.

Harvard College Application Fee Explained

The application fee for Harvard is 75$. You can pay it online when submitting your admission application through the Common App, Coalition App, or Universal College App. You can also send a check to:

Harvard College Admissions

86 Brattle Street Cambridge

MA 02138

The check has to be drawn on a U.S. bank and in U.S. dollars.

In case you are not able to pay the application fee, don’t worry. Harvard offers application fee waivers for those students who are struggling financially.

Why Should You Consider Requesting a Fee Waiver?

Choosing a college can be a tough decision. It gets even more difficult when you know you might not be admitted to the college that is on the top of your wishlist. This thought makes students apply for several colleges at once. By doing so, they make the application fees pile up.

College application fees range from $40 to $100. If you can’t cash out $500 for college application fees, you can request a fee waiver and save money.

Who Can Get a Harvard Application Fee Waiver?

Both first-time and transfer students can apply for a Harvard College fee waiver. In case you are experiencing financial hardship, you may request to be exempt from paying the application fee. To be eligible for a fee waiver, you need to be:

  • Qualified for Pell Grant
  • An orphan or ward of the state
  • A part of a family that receives public assistance
  • Entitled to the SAT or ACT fee waiver
  • Enrolled in a financial aid program, such as Upward Bound
  • Live in a foster home or a federally subsidized public housing
  • A participant of the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program (FRPL)
  • A member of a family whose annual income meets the guidelines of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Household MembersAnnual Income

You might also have to ask your counselor or a school official to sign your fee waiver request form.

How To Make a Harvard Fee Waiver Request on Your Own?

You have several ways to request a Harvard College fee waiver:

How To Make a Harvard Fee Waiver Request via the Common App

You can request fee waivers via the Common App by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Common App account
  2. Tap Profile
  3. Select the Common App Fee Waiver option
  4. Answer different questions about your financial status
  5. Submit your request

After you submit your request, you will have to wait for your counselor to fill out and sign the necessary forms.

Request a Fee Waiver via the Coalition App

You can request a fee waiver through your MyCoalition Profile. You should check the boxes with the financial status information that applies to you and add Harvard to your school list. Bear in mind that, since it’s relatively new, the Coalition App may have numerous bugs and glitches that can complicate the fee waiver application process.

Apply for a Fee Waiver Through Harvard’s Fee Waiver Request Form

If you are submitting your Harvard College admission application through the Universal Application and want a fee waiver, you should request it through Harvard’s online form. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the form
  2. Select the application type
  3. Provide your personal information
  4. Give the details about your school
  5. Click on Submit

Harvard representatives should contact you within one to three business days to tell you the result of your request.

Applying for college fee waivers this way may seem easy, but it often turns out complicated. You have to answer a great number of questions, and you might experience kinks with the apps or wait long for your counselor to deal with all the documentation. If you want to make a Harvard fee waiver request in the fastest way possible, use DoNotPay!

Use DoNotPay To Request a Harvard Application Fee Waiver Effortlessly

With DoNotPay, you can request a Harvard fee waiver in minutes! You won’t need to waste your time waiting for your counselor to deal with paperwork. We can fill out the forms quickly and obtain a counselor’s signature if needed. Once we do that, we will send the documentation to Harvard’s admission office on your behalf.

With our easy-to-use app, all you need to do to request a Harvard fee waiver is:

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  2. Access the College Application Fee Waiver feature
  3. Select the fee you want to waive
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  5. Indicate whether you need a counselor’s signature

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