Get Ready for Your Missouri Driving Test

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Understanding the Essentials of Missouri Driving Test

Statistics say that the state of Missouri has the biggest failure rate (61%) when it comes to driving tests. This fact may discourage the ones who are thinking about taking a DMV test,

but getting a driver’s license doesn’t have to be so difficult.

If you find the right approach to studying and put a little bit of effort into it, you can pass your driving test easily. Our goal is to explain how DoNotPay’s practice tests can help you ace your written exam.

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What Is the Missouri Driving Test?

Missouri driving test is an exam all candidates who want to operate any motor vehicle on the territory of this state need to pass. It’s a mandatory step for getting the following licenses:

Whichever document you apply for, you need to pass four tests to get the license:

  1. Written knowledge test—It serves for checking the driving theory knowledge. Candidates study from specific manuals, covering topics like safe driving, road signs, and traffic rules and signals
  2. Vision examination—It includes acuity and peripheral vision test.
  3. Road sign test—It’s a simple test that checks candidates’ traffic sign knowledge. If applicants fail it, they can’t go on with the driving skills test
  4. Road or driving skills test—A road test represents a practical part of the driving test. Candidates need to show that they can operate a vehicle safely and comply with road rules

Missouri Driving Test Requirements

Each part of the test comes with specific requirements all candidates need to meet to pass the exam. The table shows a summary of the criteria for all four stages of the Missouri driving test:

Driving Test StageCriteria


  • Valid ID
  • Social Security number
  • Proof of Missouri residency
  • Lawful status verification—a U.S. passport, U.S. Certificate of Citizenship, U.S. birth certificate from a vital record agency, and similar documents

Written Test

  • 20 of 25 correct answers needed for passing the test

Vision Examination

  • Minimum acuity needs to be 20/40
  • Minimum peripheral vision needs to be 85 degrees in one eye and 55 degrees in both eyes

Road Sign Test

  • 20 of 25 correct answers needed for passing the test

Driving Skills Test

  • Functional doors
  • Valid license plates
  • Functional seat belts
  • Well-equipped vehicle
  • High level of safety and cleanliness
  • Valid proof of financial responsibility
  • Good working order of horn and brakes

How Can You Schedule the Missouri Driving Permit Test?

After passing your written test, you need to schedule a DMV driving test appointment with the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP). You can do it via phone by following the instructions below:

  1. Dial (573) 751-1887
  2. Inform the agent that you want to set a driving test appointment
  3. Consider the available dates and choose the one that suits you best

Ways To Prepare for Your Missouri Permit Test

Being well-prepared for a driving test means being confident in your skills and knowledge. You will achieve the best results by using the learning methods that suit you best. Some of the available studying options are:

  • Learning from the updated Missouri drivers guide
  • Creating notes and outlines from the existing learning materials
  • Hiring an experienced tutor to help you understand the difficult parts
  • Finding updated and verified test examples and using them for practicing
  • Reading books, manuals, and articles about Missouri traffic laws and general driving rules

Are There Any Platforms Offering Missouri Driver’s Permit Practice Test Collections?

Practice tests are the most efficient learning asset for many reasons. They evaluate your existing knowledge, improve weak spots while you practice, and look similar to real written driving tests.

Missouri driving test examples are available on numerous websites and portals, including:

Google search is usually the best way to find practice tests on your own, but it can be a time-consuming task. Some tests may not be updated for the current year or thorough enough, which diminishes their effectiveness.

To avoid combing through Google search results and wasting precious time, we suggest using DoNotPay for getting more than 100 ready-made practice quizzes in a few taps.

Find the Best Collection of Missouri Permit Practice Tests on DoNotPay

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