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We’ll Help You Find the Best Paid Clinical Trials in Missouri—See How!

Participating in a clinical trial isn’t as simple as it sounds. It is a long process that starts with extensive research.

Do you want to make the process quick and efficient? DoNotPay can help you find a variety of interesting clinical trials in a few minutes.

Basic Information About Clinical Trials in Missouri

The clinical trials definition is simple to understand—it’s the final stage of medical research that involves testing new medication or medical devices on humans to determine the safety and effectiveness of the new treatment.

Clinical trials might be paid for healthy volunteers, and this usually happens during the early phases—one and two. There are four phases of clinical trials, and each one is different to some degree. You can see the basic information about clinical trial phases in the table below:



  • Involves a small group of usually healthy volunteers (up to 80 people)
  • Inspects the way the drug is metabolized by the subjects
  • Determines the safe dosage and intervals of administration
  • Tests the safety of the new medication


  • Focuses on the effectiveness
  • Tests the drug on larger groups of people (up to 300)
  • Inspects the short-term side effects
  • Explores new ways of drug distribution


  • Creates randomized clinical trials and compares the new drug to the existing one or a placebo
  • Distributes the drug to other populations to see how their bodies react to the medication
  • Tests the medication on much larger groups—several thousand people


  • Focuses on the long-term effects the drug will have on people at a larger scale (thousands of patients)
  • Determines if the drug is safe to use in the long run (several years)
  • Explores cost-effectiveness

Every clinical trial has a protocol. It is a document that contains all the detailed information about the study. It can include:

  • Study purpose
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Phase descriptions
  • Trial objectives
  • Study methods
  • Safety precautions
  • Data collection methods

Who Can Participate in Paid Medical Studies in Missouri?

All clinical trials have different eligibility criteria that you have to review if you want to participate in clinical trials. The eligibility criteria is a set of characteristics that researchers look for in participants so that they can conduct a successful clinical trial. If you meet the inclusion criteria, you’ll be enrolled in the trial.

Some of the characteristics that scientists check when reviewing potential participants are:

  • Patient sex
  • Patient age
  • Medical history
  • Disease or condition stage and type
  • Underlying conditions
  • General health and volunteer’s quality of life
  • Other medication intakes
  • Mental health
  • Overall dedication to the process that’s long and energy-consuming

After the research team accepts you, they will take you through an informed consent process. During it, they will provide you with detailed explanations about the trial’s purpose, risks, and benefits. They will also talk about your safety and alternatives to the procedure.

After the researchers determine that you understand everything about the clinical trial, they will present you with the informed consent form that you’ll need to sign. Your participation in the clinical trial is voluntary, so you are not obligated by this document to go through with it until the end.

Where Can You Find Clinical Trials in Missouri?

The right place to start looking for clinical trials in Missouri would be the University of Missouri School of Medicine (UM). They have a variety of health centers, institutes, and labs. UM has more than 400 ongoing clinical trials.

You can also find clinical trials on ClinicalTrials.gov—the official National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical trial registry. Other websites that you can use are:

You will find clinical trials in various cities across Missouri like St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, and many others.

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Risks and Benefits of Clinical Trials

Before you make the serious decision to participate in a clinical trial, you should consult your doctor. They will inform you about the risks and benefits of clinical trials. Here are some of the usual risks and benefits of clinical trials:

  • Experiencing side effects that can be uncomfortable or downright dangerous
  • Having to stop taking the treatment you used before joining the trial
  • Not getting any results from the tested treatment
  • Getting placebo if you’re a part of a randomized clinical trial
  • Having to change your lifestyle drastically
  • Getting better because of the new treatment
  • Feeling a sense of control over your illness or condition
  • Getting access to a new medication that’s unavailable in standard treatments
  • Helping other people
  • Getting quality and expert health care that might not be available to you otherwise
  • Getting paid

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