Do Homeschool Parents Get Paid—All Questions Answered

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Do Homeschool Parents Get Paid for Being Teachers to Their Kids?

Many people quit their full-time jobs to become homeschool teachers to their children, which leaves the family on a shoestring budget. Required materials and other supplies increase the existing expenses even more. This is the moment when the question “Do homeschool parents get paid?” arises.

The article we prepared for you brings the answer to this and many more related questions. Find out if you can get compensation for homeschool teaching and get additional financial support for this endeavor from other sources.

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Do Homeschooling Parents Get Any Compensation for Teaching Their Kids?

The answer is no. If you choose to withdraw your kids from school and start educating them at home, you don’t get paid by the state. Switching to homeschooling isn’t official employment or a full-time teaching job. It’s a personal decision and free choice of parents and their children, which means the family is responsible for all aspects of this learning method, including all related costs.

The only way to get paid for such services is to get a special certificate that allows you to teach other kids as well. As a certified teacher, you can be hired by other parents and earn by educating their children in one of the following ways:

  • Teaching within a specific co-op
  • Giving online and offline classes
  • Founding a chart or umbrella school

The bad news is that not all U.S. states’ homeschool laws allow this option. Many areas, including Washington, let parents homeschool their children only. To check what the options in your state are, read through the local laws or contact some of the local homeschool support groups.

What Do Homeschooling Costs Include?

Homeschool expenses cover various aspects, such as:

  • Suitable curriculum
  • Books for all core and additional subjects, including textbooks, workbooks, and test booklets
  • Other school supplies—notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, folders, and other necessary items
  • Various extracurricular activities, such as sports, field trips, educational film projections, and classes in local co-ops or organizations

Ways To Find Help With Homeschool Expenses

Paying for homeschooling is difficult when living on a single salary or with no income at all. To help you get more money for financing your homeschooling adventure, we compiled a list of all available resources. Check out the details in the table below:

Consider tax creditsIn some states, you can get a tax deduction if you have homeschooled students in your family. If this option is approved in your area, you can use it only if you are homeschooling children of high school age and above. You also won’t be allowed to deduct the price of school supplies and other necessary materials on your assessed tax amount
Apply for Homeschool Defence Association (HSLDA) grantsHSLDA Compassion offers several grants for struggling homeschooling parents, including:
  • Curriculum grants
  • Disaster relief grants
  • “Meet the Moment” grants for school groups
Become a member of the Coalition for Responsible Home EducationThis association applies for huge grants and disburses the money to multiple families in specific homeschool districts. If you become a member, you can also connect with other homeschooling parents and get other ideas for seeking support
Search for other federal and state grantsFind the available grants and funding opportunities in your state and check whether the government offers some financial support programs. This type of help may not be enough to cover all homeschooling expenses, but it can help significantly
Let your child compete in public school athleticsSome public schools allow homeschooled students to compete in sports. This opens new grant and financial support possibilities for your family, as students may qualify for attractive financial aid options reserved for athletes only

Can Parents Pay Another Person To Homeschool Their Child?

Yes, hiring someone else to coordinate your child’s educational routine is an acceptable homeschool solution in many states. There are three options you can consider:

  1. Enrolling your child in paid courses offered by a local co-op within your homeschool district
  2. Paying an experienced individual for teaching your kid at home
  3. Combining school hours at home and courses in homeschool associations and other similar organizations

The availability of these options should be confirmed by checking the state homeschool regulations.

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