Crocs Return Policy—Get Your Money Back Without a Fuss

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Crocs Return Policy—How To File a Request and Get Your Money Back With Ease

Wearing footwear that makes you feel like you walk on stilts is neither pleasant nor healthy. The good news is that the solution is simple if you purchased the ill-fitting sneakers, sandals, or boots at Crocs. The Crocs return policy allows you to request a refund or an exchange by fulfilling a few simple requirements.

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Crocs Return Policy—Everything You Need To Know To Request a Return

To initiate the Crocs return procedure, ensure that your items are:

  • Unworn
  • Defective
  • Damaged
  • Unwashed

If you believe the quality of the product is questionable, consult the Crocs Product Warranty policy.

To be eligible for a refund or an exchange, send the return request not later than 45 days after the purchase or delivery. The footwear company doesn’t consider any requests past this time limit.

The only exception to this rule is the merchandise damaged during shipping. If you believe this is the case, contact Customer Service within 90 days from the reception of the goods.

Are All Crocs Products Eligible for a Refund or an Exchange?

According to the Crocs return policy, you can’t return goods that fall into these categories:

  • Final sale merchandise
  • Items customized for special events or purposes unless defective or damaged

Can I Return Gifts?

In case you received Crocs footwear as a gift, but it doesn’t work for you, you are eligible for a replacement. Call 1-866-306-3179 or go to the Contact Us page to send an email to the company. Before sending a message, ensure you have specified:

  1. The style of the product you want to return
  2. The reason why you wish to exchange the item
  3. Your email address

Crocs will send you the replacement when they receive the original product.

When Will I Receive My Refund?

If you choose the refund option, the refund deadline depends on:

  1. Shipping time
  2. Processing time after Crocs receives your parcel—between 10 and 14 business days, in general
  3. The time your bank needs to process the transaction

Packages sent by mail are subject to shipping fees, so you won’t receive the entire amount. The merchant sends funds to the original payment method.

How To Return Crocs Products

You can return merchandise you aren’t happy with:

  1. To a brick-and-mortar store
  2. By mail

Returning Items to a Physical Store

Take the unwanted products to a Crocs shop and talk to the authorized staff member or the store manager. They should take the item and start the procedure.

Sending Merchandise Back by Mail

The Crocs return policy allows you to initiate the return request by:

  • Going to the Order Returns page and stating the order number and the billing name
  • Navigating to the My Account page if you have multiple orders

The subsequent return procedure is straightforward and involves these steps:

  1. Letting the seller know why you want to return the product
  2. Choosing a shipping company
  • In case you opt for UPS, the company provides a prepaid label and packing slip
  • Otherwise, Crocs supplies a packing slip
  1. Print the return slip and attach it to the package upon reviewing

The tracking number will help you follow the shipment. The footwear company is responsible for the item only after delivery to their facility.

How To Return Goods You Paid for by Using Afterpay Installments

Don’t return Crocs products to Afterpay, but the vendor. The company will send the request to the digital payment platform to refund you.

If you have any doubts or concerns, send an email to Afterpay at

Why Sending a Return Request via DoNotPay Benefits You?

DoNotPay ensures you don’t spend a single moment in vain when filing a refund or an exchange request. Saving money is an additional perk.

To benefit from our convenient and reliable service, do the following:

  1. Select Item Return Request
  2. Answer our bot’s questions and include images, if applicable
  3. Submit the form

DoNotPay creates and sends a customized letter to Crocs, informing them about your request. We also let the vendor know whether you prefer to get your money or a replacement. The staff will contact you soon because we set a deadline to expedite the response.

Besides time, DoNotPay saves you money because we provide a return label, so you don’t have to pay additional shipping costs.

Can DoNotPay Help You Return Products to Other Sellers?

Use DoNotPay to file a refund or exchange request to any merchant. You can explore the return policies of some popular vendors in the following table:

WalmartCostcoAmerican Eagle
WayfairWarby ParkerUlta
Google StoreMacy’sKohl’s
eBayFamily DollarSephora

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