The Best Alabama CDL Practice Test

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Take the Alabama CDL Practice Test To Ace the Real Exam!

Passing your commercial driver’s license (CDL) test requires hard work and determination, but with DoNotPay’s help and guidance, it becomes much easier! Taking the Alabama CDL practice test is one of the best ways to prepare for your exam and nail it on a first try. With our app, you can take numerous practice tests and find any info you need regarding Alabama CDL procedures.

Alabama CDL Test and Requirements

You need to pass the Alabama CDL test if you want to operate any commercial motor vehicle over 21,000 pounds. There are two parts of the CDL test:

  1. The general knowledge test
  2. The skills test

The knowledge test has seven subtests, including special endorsements and an air brakes test. You will not have to take all of them. Most people usually take three to four, depending on the class designation and endorsements they need. The questions are multiple-choice, and you have to answer 40 out of 50 correctly to pass.

The CDL licenses have classes that vary from state to state, and this is how Alabama classifies commercial vehicles that require a CDL to drive:

  1. Class A—vehicles weighing over 26,000 pounds that tow trailers or other vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds.
  2. Class B—vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds and tow trailers or vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds.
  3. Class C—vehicles carrying 16 or more people or vehicles transporting hazardous materials.

Here's an overview of endorsements you can add to your CDL in Alabama:

Special endorsementsInclude


Double/triple trailers


Passenger vehicles


Tank vehicles




HAZMAT and Tank


School Buses

Below are listed the Alabama CDL restriction codes and definition:

  • A – Corrective Lenses
  • B – Motor-Driven Cycle
  • C – Daylight Driving Only
  • D – Outside Mirror—Left
  • E – No Manual Transmission CMV
  • F – Hand Controls
  • G – Automatic Transmission
  • H – Outside Mirror—Right
  • I – Outside Mirror Left and Right
  • J – Hearing Impaired
  • K – Intrastate Only
  • L – No Air Brake Equipped CMV
  • M – No Class A Passenger Vehicle
  • N – No Class B Passenger Vehicle
  • O – No Tractor Trailer CMV
  • P – No Passenger in CMV Bus (CLP Only)
  • Q – Power Brakes Only
  • R – Mechanical Signals
  • T – Built-Up Pedals
  • U – Built-Up Seat
  • V – Medical Variance
  • X – No Cargo in CMV tank (CLP Only)
  • Y – Learner License
  • Z – No full Air Brake equipped CMV

How To Get Ready for Your Alabama CDL Test

Without studying and preparing for your CDL exam, your chances of passing are not high. You can choose any studying method that you think would work best for you, but you must take prep work seriously and practice as much as you can.

The Alabama commercial driver's license manual can be of immense help when studying because all of the questions that you will encounter are there.

You can also hire a tutor if you want to avoid searching for the study material on your own. The only downside is that they are pricey, so you may want to consider preparing for your exam via practice tests.

Practice tests are the most convenient method of preparing for the Alabama CDL test. Various practice tests are available online but choose carefully because they may be outdated. Since searching for online practice tests can be tiresome, lean on DoNotPay for super useful practice material!

Using practice tests allows you to get a good idea of what your real CDL exam will look like and helps you prepare to the best of your abilities. They are your golden ticket to passing on your first try!

How Can I Take the CDL Practice Test Alabama via DoNotPay?

Taking your Alabama CDL practice test with DoNotPay will take only a few minutes! We prepared everything and made sure to simplify the process as much as possible! Follow our quick guide and take your Alabama CDL practice test in a jiffy:

  1. Load DoNotPay in your
  2. Search for the practice tests
  3. Pick the test you want to take
  4. Click on the number of questions you want (your options are 10, 20, or 30 questions)

We can also help you if you are about to embark on a CDL journey in North Dakota, Montana, Maryland, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Utah, Iowa, Oregon, Nebraska, Indiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Dakota, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

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