Everything You Should Know About Scholarships for Homeschooled Students

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Scholarships for Homeschooled Students From A to Z

The price of education in the United States is not low, and most families are constantly on the lookout for some financial aid opportunities. Parents who teach at home are worried that their children won’t have the same financial assistance options as their peers, but are they right?

offers all the necessary information about scholarships for homeschooled students.

Can Homeschooled Students Get Scholarships?

Even though homeschool students may not have the same options as their public school peers, they can still apply for different scholarships. The choices exist, but it is crucial to know where to look for aid and how to apply.

The most common reason why homeschoolers miss out on merit-based scholarships is that they don’t follow the application instructions properly. These rules are often not clear and may be challenging to follow without the help of a guidance counselor.

To get equal chances, you should always double-check the requirements and ask for help from the scholarship provider if needed.

Scholarships for Homeschooled Students—What Options Are Available?

Specific scholarships are more available for homeschooled students, but all options should be explored. Check out the following table for more information about available choices:

Type of ScholarshipBrief Explanation
Need-Based Scholarships
Merit-Based Scholarships
  • The homeschool community loves merit-based financial support because of the more fair criteria
  • It is less important where you attend school rather what you have accomplished
  • The National Merit Scholarship program is homeschool-friendly
Location-Based Scholarships
  • You can find scholarships for homeschoolers funded by your state, county, or city
  • This financial aid is usually limited by population, which makes your odds of receiving them higher compared to some other options
  • If your student is interested in volunteering, they should also check out community service scholarships
Demographic ScholarshipsThis aid option is great because it supports:
  • Minorities
  • Women
  • People with specific backgrounds
  • People of particular ethnicity or religion
Athletic Scholarships
  • Scholarships for athletes fall under the most difficult category for homeschoolers to receive
  • The situation has been changing recently, and homeschooled students have more opportunities

Best College Scholarships for Homeschool Students

The cost of homeschooling doesn’t need to be high if you choose the right curriculum and organize your time properly, but most parents are worried that they will have to pay full college tuition. The good news is that homeschooled children can get financial aid to help them cover college expenses.

Here are some popular scholarships available to homeschoolers across the U.S.:

  • Apologia National Scholarship for Christian Service—Provides $2,000 to homeschooled students across the United States
  • Craig Dickinson Memorial Scholarship—Gives $1,000 to graduating seniors who were homeschooled for at least the last two years
  • Cypress Homeschool Association Scholarship—Offers $2,000 to graduating seniors in Texas who have been homeschooled for at least three years
  • Herb Kohl Excellence Scholarship Program—Grants $1,000 to homeschooled students in Wisconsin who want to enroll in any public or private university in the U.S.
  • HOPE Scholarship Program for Home-Schooled Students—Guarantees $3,000 to qualified homeschoolers admitted to one of Georgia’s public or private universities who earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 during their first year
  • Janice M. Hedin College Scholarship for Homeschoolers—Gives $1,000 to home-educated students in Washington State who want to go to college

A Necessary Step for Successful Homeschooling

To give your child a chance for higher education, you must respect the local requirements for home-based education and ensure you follow the procedures to a tee. Regardless of who’s teaching your child, it is the parent’s responsibility to file the necessary paperwork and keep records. The initial step is to send a notice of intent to homeschool to the superintendent of your school district.

You should check local homeschool laws, but this is a requirement you need to meet in most states before you can get started with homeschooling. The good news is that you don’t need to deal with the process alone—DoNotPay can help you!

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