Do You Need a Notary in Westwood?

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Use DoNotPay To Learn Why You Don’t Need a Notary in Westwood

Looking for a notary and going to their office is a dull task that takes a lot of your time. DoNotPay knows a way to get documents notarized without going to a notary in Westwood. This process doesn’t even require you to leave your living room.

Types of Notaries Available in Westwood, California

There are a few types of notaries you can find in Westwood, California. Which one you’ll choose depends on what notary service you need and how conveniently you want to handle the process. Take a look at the table below to see your options:

Notary Type


Standard notariesYou need to go to the notary’s office to get documents notarized. You can find these notaries in different spots, including banks, insurance agencies, tax preparation firms, etc.
Mobile notariesMobile notaries travel to your house to perform the required notarial act. These notaries can also visit the signers at hospitals or prisons if necessary
Electronic notariesElectronic notaries can notarize documents in person with a digital seal, stamp, and signature
Notary signing agentsNotary signing agents meet with the client at the agreed location. They can only notarize loan documents
Remote out-of-state notariesOnline notaries in certain states have the right to provide notarial services via audio-visual platforms to clients in other states. There is no need for notaries and clients to meet in person

It is easy to see that not all options are equally efficient or convenient. Out-of-state online notarization takes the crown when it comes to the benefits it offers.

Why Online Notarization Is the Best Way To Get Documents Notarized

Online notarization is a logical choice for people who value their time and energy. It is more convenient than other notarization types for several reasons that include:

  • Not having to meet with the notary in person
  • Being able to handle the task from your couch
  • Not spending a fortune on the mobile notary's travel expenses
  • Saving money on gas or public transport

Is Online Notarization Safe?

If you don’t like relying on technology when dealing with matters, online notarization will change your mind. Notaries that can perform notarial acts online have to ensure the safety of your information before they even begin the notarization.

Online notaries have to let the government know every time they are about to perform a notarial act online. They are also allowed to use only the permitted audio-visual technology (Skype and Zoom are usually out of the question). Additionally, these notaries must record the entire procedure and keep it safe for around ten years after it takes place.

The only issue with online notarization is that it is still limited to certain parts of the country. How does it work in California?

California and Online Notarization Explained

You won’t be able to find an online notary in California because the Golden State does not allow online notarization yet. Californians are allowed to find online notaries in other states to get their documents notarized, and there are plenty of locations to choose from.

States That Permit Online Notarization

28 states permit online notarization at the moment, and some of them are:

DoNotPay can help you find a reliable notary in any of these states and more!

Use DoNotPay To Find an Online Notary Without Hassle

DoNotPay is a great way to avoid the tedious task of looking for online notaries on your own. If you are even more reluctant because you need to search for a notary outside of California, that is one reason more to rely on DoNotPay. Our app will match you with a notary in no time. You only need to:

  1. in a web browser you like
  2. Find and open the Notarize Any Document product
  3. Attach the document that you wish to get notarized
  4. Type in your email address

The best part about notaries DoNotPay works with is that they are available all the time—during weekends and holidays or at any time you might need them!

Before you take an affidavit, real estate deed, or an employment contract to a notary, you will need to make that document. This task requires proper knowledge, and hiring a lawyer is expensive. Your solution is DoNotPay again!

Use DoNotPay To Make Documents

is the easiest way to create documents in the shortest time. You can choose among numerous options, and some of them include:

  1. Independent Contractor Agreement
  2. Bill of Sale
  3. Intent To Purchase Real Estate
  4. Estoppel Certificate
  5. General Affidavit
  6. Prenuptial Agreement
  7. Parenting Plan (Child Custody Agreement)

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