How To Set an Appointment With a Notary in Van Nuys Within Minutes

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Have Your Documents Notarized Without Hiring a Notary in Van Nuys

The best way to confirm that the signatures on contracts, affidavits, and all other documents are valid is to have them verified by a notary. The procedure involves numerous steps that may confuse you, but we will break the process down for you!

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What Notary Services Are Available in Van Nuys?

California currently offers three types of notary services:

  1. Regular notaries work in many financial organizations and independent offices
  2. Mobile notaries can travel to the signer’s location and perform notarial acts but charge more due to travel expenses
  3. Notary signing agents validate signatures on loan-related documents and provide valuable advice on the loan procedures

Unfortunately, even the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t change the opinion of California authorities regarding online notarization. According to DLA Piper, the state still doesn’t allow remote online notarization.

Such decisions are subject to change, which means your best bet is to check the latest updates and see whether anything has changed. Californians can still book a suitable notary from another state and have their signatures validated virtually. This is known as out-of-state remote notarization.

What Does Standard Notarization Look Like in California?

If you opt for in-person notarization in California, you must go through various stages before getting a notary’s signature. You should:

  1. Locate a convenient notary in your vicinity—in this case, within or near Van Nuys
  2. Schedule a virtual appointment with the chosen notary via phone or other available methods
  3. Visit the notary’s office on the predetermined date and bring a physical copy of your document and an identification document, such as:
    • An ID
    • A passport
    • A driver’s license
    • Any other government-issued document with a photo
  4. Let the notary estimate whether you are:
    • Signing the document voluntarily
    • Sober and mentally stable
  5. Sign the document in the presence of the notary
  6. Wait for the official to validate your signature by putting their signature and stamp on the document

According to the Notary Public Handbook of California, once the procedure is over, the notary must create a notary journal entry. It should include:

  • Date and time when the notarial act took place
  • Notarial act type (was it a jurat, acknowledgment, etc.)
  • Client’s signature
  • Statement regarding the identity of the signer based on satisfactory evidence
  • Applicable notary fees
  • The right thumbprint of the signer (when notarizing deeds, deeds of trust, quitclaim deeds, etc.)

Where Can You Find a Notary Public in Van Nuys?

There are many ways to look for a notary in Van Nuys:

Online ResourcesInstitutionsOther Places/Methods
  • Credit unions
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Police departments
  • Money transfer offices
  • Law and accountant offices
  • City or county clerk offices
  • Courthouses
  • Hotels
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Independent notary offices
  • Office supply stores
  • AAA and Amscot objects
  • UPS facilities

How Much Will a Notary in Van Nuys Charge You?

California has established specific price ranges for notary services based on regulations from California Government Code. You can find the maximum fees for the most common notarial acts in Van Nuys/Los Angeles below:

  • Acknowledgments—$15 per signature
  • Jurats—$15 per signature
  • Public requests for line items—$0.30 per line item
  • Depositions—$30 per deposition
  • Certifying a copy of a power of attorney—$15 per copy

The state also allows specific social groups, such as persons who want to notarize voting materials or military veterans, not to pay for most notarial acts.

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