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The Simplest Way To Get Compensated for a Late Delivery Hassle-Free

Shipping delays and errors happen on a daily basis, which is why you may be waiting for a while to receive your package. This guide will shed light on the efficient methods of tracking the anticipated parcel and finding the way to get compensation for the late delivery. DoNotPay brings the best solution for reporting delayed USPS, FedEx, UPS, or Amazon packages and requesting your money back in a split second!

How To Check if Your Parcel Is Late

The best way to check the whereabouts of the expected parcel is to trace the whereabouts of the package using the courier’s online tracking app. To do this, you need a tracking code—a unique number consisting of 8–40 digits and letters you should receive once the parcel is shipped.

Here are the steps you should follow to locate your package:

  1. Visit the courier’s website
  2. Find the tracking section
  3. Enter your tracking code in the search field

You will be redirected to the page with all the updates related to your package from the moment of acceptance, including the info on the current location of the parcel.

The package can be late if it has exceeded the estimated delivery time frame and there’s no available delivery status or if the delivery status hasn’t changed for more than 24 hours.

What if You Can’t Find a Tracking Code for Your Parcel?

Most shippers let you use alternative tracking information if you failed to find the tracking number or didn’t receive it. Depending on the courier, you may pinpoint the location of your package by entering:

  • Barcode
  • Door tag number
  • Reference number
  • Notices left after unsuccessful delivery

It’s also advisable to contact the courier’s customer support and report the issue you are facing. You can usually find their contact details in the Contact Us or Support section on the official website.

Why Is Your Delivery Late?

Here’s a table listing the most common reasons for late deliveries:

Distance and customsTraveling distance of your package is one of the essential factors that decide when it will be delivered. If you are expecting a parcel from a distant location, it may take longer to pass through the customs control and reach you
TrafficAccidents, road works, and traffic jams can slow down the deliverer on their way to hand you the expected package
Weather conditionsUnforeseen weather conditions, such as rain, hail, snow, or a thunderstorm, can cause your package to arrive with delays
Motor vehicle breakdownsA delivery car or any other vehicle that is supposed to bring the order may break down on its way to you
Technical issuesIn case of internal technical or maintenance issues, the courier will probably inform you about the potential delays in advance
High volume shipmentsIf the courier faces an increase in shipment volumes, they may have trouble delivering the packages on time
Unsuccessful deliverySometimes the deliverer is unable to hand you the parcel at the first attempt. This may happen due to a wrong, misspelled, or outdated address that needs clarification, an incorrectly completed order form, or unclear writing. In such cases, they will leave a notice and set a redelivery time, which is why getting your parcel may need a bit longer to arrive
Difficult accessIf your property has no doorbell or mailbox or you have protective or dangerous pets in the yard, the courier may find it difficult to reach you. This can also happen if you are in the middle of maintenance works or repairs that limit access to your house or property

How Can You Get Compensated if Your Package Delivery Has Been Delayed?

Each shipper has a specific policy regarding refunds for late deliveries. In most cases, their money-back guarantee applies to specific postal services or delivery issues only. The safest bet is to check out the refund criteria for a particular courier and see whether you are entitled to receive compensation.

There are various ways to file a refund claim, such as:

  • Calling customer support
  • Emailing the company explaining the issue
  • Submitting an online refund request via the courier’s official website
  • Visiting the courier’s nearest facility and completing a refund request in person
  • and having your refund claim filed in minutes

Report a Poor Delivery and Demand Your Money Back Within Minutes Using DoNotPay

Whether you are dealing with late deliveries or you want to inform the courier about damaged or lost UPS, USPS, or FedEx parcels, DoNotPay can assist you in a matter of minutes! Forget about struggling to reach customer service or having exhausting disputes with representatives. We developed an app that reports delivery problems and files refund requests on your behalf in a few brief steps!

All you should do is in your web browser and:

  1. Choose the Late Delivery Refund product
  2. Pick the shipper responsible for the poor delivery
  3. Input additional details about the parcel

Once we get all the required information, we will generate a complaint letter and a refund request in your name.

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