A Lazy Man’s Guide to Writing a Perfect Illinois Homeschool Withdrawal Letter

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How To Compose a Top-Grade Illinois Homeschool Withdrawal Letter

Once you decide to remove your child from a public school in Illinois and start homeschooling, you may face various dilemmas. Do you need to send any notice to the school to notify the authorities about the withdrawal? If you do, what should the Illinois homeschool withdrawal letter look like? Should it be short and sweet or thorough and descriptive?

We created a comprehensive guide containing all the details about this homeschooling aspect. You can also learn how helps you create a solid letter of intent to homeschool and begin teaching your kid at home in a flash!

Illinois Homeschool Rules and Requirements

Illinois is one of the U.S. states with the simplest homeschooling regulations. Its laws are flexible, and the homeschool requirements are simple to meet. Below is the table showing the essential criteria you should be aware of when considering this learning method:

Registration requirementsYou don’t need to register as a private school to homeschool your kids, but the chosen method will be treated like private school education
Minimum homeschool ageSix years old
Maximum homeschool age17 years old
Teacher requirementsYou can be a teacher to your kids even if you don’t have any certificates, or you can hire someone else to do it if you are too busy
Assessment requirementsNone
Homeschool hoursNot defined—The recommended number of hours of instruction is five per school day
Preferred instruction languageEnglish
Curriculum criteriaNone—Homeschooling parents are free to choose or create a curriculum based on students’ wishes or affinities
Compulsory homeschool subjects
  • Math
  • Language arts
  • Fine arts
  • Social sciences
  • Physical development and health
  • Biological and physical sciences

Do You Need a Withdrawal Letter To Homeschool in Illinois?

Even though the state laws don’t require homeschooling parents to send a letter of withdrawal once they decide to homeschool their kids, it’s more than desirable in some cases.

If you start teaching your kid at home from the first grade or at the beginning of a new school year, there’s no need to submit the notice. Once your child stops attending school, the authorities will believe that the family has relocated, and no one will contact you regarding this matter.

The situation is different when you want to remove your child from school mid-year. In such a case, if the child stops attending classes without further explanations, you may run into some problems with the school district authorities. For this reason, it’s advisable to submit a withdrawal letter anyway to be on the safe side.

A Complete Guide to Composing an Illinois Withdrawal Letter

Here are the segments of a rock-solid withdrawal letter structure:

  1. Introductory part with the recipient info
  2. Personalized greeting
  3. Statement confirming that you want to withdraw the child from regular schooling
  4. Legality affirmation showing the exact section of the Illinois state law you rely on

What Should Your Letter of Withdrawal Look Like?

The following scheme shows you what your Illinois withdrawal letter should look like:

[Full name of the principal or superintendent]

[Public school address]

[Letter submission date]

Dear [Title] [Principal’s/Superintendent’s surname]

We are writing this letter to inform you that as of [homeschool start date], we will withdraw our child, [full name of the student], from [name of the attended public institution]. [First name of the student] will be attending a private school/be educated in compliance with the rules in the Illinois School Code, Chapter 105, Section 26-01.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

Sincerely/Best regards,

[Signatures of both parents]

[Printed names of both parents]

Once your letter is ready, you can send it to the school by:

  • Bringing a copy of the document to the school
  • Sending the letter via mail
  • Faxing the notice to the official school fax number

What Can DoNotPay Do To Help You Get a Letter of Intent More Easily?

Another similar notice many states require is a letter of intent to homeschool. Composing such a document can be time-consuming, especially if you aren’t familiar with the desired structure of the letter and appropriate terms. Instead of relying on online templates that are usually generic and incomplete, let DoNotPay do the grunt work and get your letter in a snap!

In just a few clicks on your part, we can:

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  • Use the collected info to create a customized letter of intent
  • Generate a PDF version ready for download
  • Direct the notice to the chosen school district automatically
  • Have your document notarized if the local statute requires it

Here are the prompts you should follow to get your letter:

  1. from any preferred web browser
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  3. Tell us what your school district is
  4. Fill out a simple questionnaire provided by our chatbot

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