Can You Track a Package Without a Tracking Number—Explained in Detail

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Can You Track Your Package Without a Tracking Number by Using Other Information?

Shipping companies create a tracking ID number for each parcel they dispatch and send it to the recipient. While this code may look like another confusing number on the package, using it is the best and quickest way to locate your parcel. The problem arises if the courier fails to send you one or you can’t find it in the sea of other shipping info.

Can you track your package without a tracking number, and what’s the best way to do it? Find the answers in our guide and learn how to pinpoint the location of any parcel by using alternative methods. Besides that, we will show you how to file a complaint in case of a poor or late delivery and get your money back by !

Why Is My Tracking Number Missing or Invalid?

At times, the shipper may fail to provide you with the tracking code or send the wrong one. These are common situations, and they can arise for various reasons:

  • The company sent a tracking code for a different order by mistake
  • There may have been technical issues—the courier’s system for sending shipment notification can experience bugs and glitches
  • You have an overstuffed email inbox that prevents the email with the tracking ID from being delivered
  • You changed the order details, and the original tracking number became invalid

Before you decide to try out the alternative ways to track your parcel, contact the customer support of the courier in question. If you disclose other shipping information and pass through a security check, the reps may be able to save you time and provide you with the correct tracking number.

Can I Track a Parcel by Address or Name?

Unfortunately, in most cases, entering your name or address into a tracking search field won’t help you track down your parcel. Most couriers need specific information to look for your order. The only way you can use these pieces of information is to contact the sender and ask them to find you in their records using these details. Once the sender locates you in their database, they can provide you with a tracking number since they get it from the courier as well once the package is shipped.

Can I Track a Package With Other Shipping Information?

In case your tracking number is wrong or outdated, there may be other shipping details you can use to follow your parcel:

  1. Reference numbers
  2. Service notice information—in case the courier has already tried to deliver the package
  3. Door tag number
  4. Transportation control number (TCN)

Most U.S. couriers also provide specific online tools or apps that let recipients track their parcels without entering the tracking code. In most situations, the person expecting the parcel should create an account and check out the shipping information for their existing packages. Below is the table that shows some of these services:

  • UPS My Choice
  • Informed Delivery
  • Delivery Manager
  • FedEx Mobile app

What if None of the Alternative Tracking Options Work?

If you can’t find other shipment details or you are still experiencing the issue with locating your package, it’s best to get in touch with the courier’s customer care again. Explain the issue, let them know which tracking methods you have tried, and ask them to help you check the status of your order.

The representatives may need some additional information, including the shipping address, your phone number, or the name of the sender. By checking these details in their system, they will be able to tell you where your package is, when it should arrive, and if there are any issues regarding the delivery.

Here’s the table showing the contact details of the most popular U.S. couriers:

CourierContact Info
  • Phone numbers: (800) Go FedEx and (800) 463-3339

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  1. in any web browser
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