Get Ready With the CDL Combination Practice Test

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Get the Top Scores on the CDL Exam With CDL Combination Practice Tests

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a type of license required for operating vehicles that are large, heavy, commercial, or transporting hazardous materials. Depending on the type and size of the vehicle you want to drive, you have to apply for a suitable endorsement when taking a CDL test.

Combination vehicles are more difficult to operate and require better driving skills than single commercial vehicles. Due to that, passing the knowledge test for combination vehicles requires more preparation, studying, and practice. If you want to ace your exam, take DoNotPay’s CDL combination practice test!

What Does the Commercial Driver’s License Test Consist Of?

To obtain a commercial driver’s license, every applicant has to meet certain requirements:

  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Having an operator’s license
  • Passing the vision exam
  • Passing the CDL knowledge and road tests

In the table below, you can find all the information about CDL classes and their requirements:

CDL ClassWhat Is It Required For?What Does the Knowledge Exam Consist Of?What Does the Road Skills Test Include?

Class A

  • Operating trucks and combination vehicles over 26,000 lb
  • Towing vehicles or units over 10,000 lb
  • General knowledge exam
  • Combination vehicles test
  • Air brakes test
  • Exams for desired endorsements
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Basic vehicle control
  • On-road test

Class B

  • Operating straight trucks and buses over 26,000 lb
  • General knowledge exam
  • Air brakes test
  • Exams for chosen endorsements

Class C

  • Operating vehicles transporting placarded amounts of hazardous materials
  • Driving vehicles transporting more than 16 people
  • General knowledge exam
  • Air brakes test
  • Exams for desired endorsements

How To Prepare for the CDL Combination Vehicle Test

Driving any commercial combination vehicle requires skill, patience, and knowledge. Passing a CDL combination test is not a walk in the park! That is why you should clear your schedule and devote some time to studying for it. Some of the best methods of studying for a CDL combination test include:

  • Reading a CDL manual that is valid in your state
  • Hiring a tutor to help you study
  • Creating a driving test checklist
  • Taking practice tests

The goal of the CDL written exam is to test your knowledge about traffic laws, rules, regulations, and signs. The test can include questions about:

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Railroad crossing
  • Accident procedures
  • Driving under the influence
  • Staying alert while driving
  • Communicating with other drivers

How Many Questions Are on the CDL Combination Test?

The written part of every CDL test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. To pass the knowledge exam, you have to answer 80% of it correctly.

Where To Find a CDL Combination Vehicle Practice Test

Once you read your CDL manual and learn all the laws and rules by heart, you should put your knowledge into practice. You can do that by taking online practice tests.

Practice tests mimic the form and even questions from real knowledge exams. If you want to take the CDL combination vehicle practice test, you should consider reliable sources, including:

Reasons To Choose DoNotPay for CDL Combination Practice Tests

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How To Take the CDL Combination Practice Test With DoNotPay

To take the best CDL combination practice test, follow these steps:

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