Why Is My Package Still in Transit—USPS Delays and Complaints

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Why Is My Package Still in Transit—USPS Delays Deciphered

Why is my package still in transit? USPS may promise delivery on time, but the delays happen again and again. You don’t have to worry about your missing parcels! We are here to explain how the USPS service works and what the possible delay reasons are.

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Why Is My USPS Package Not Moving?

It’s not uncommon for packages to get stuck in transit. The reasons behind this are various, but here are some of the common ones:

Reasons for DelaysExplanation
Customs clearanceCertain countries outside of the U.S. and the EU need special documentation to receive packages. If the documentation isn’t provided, the packages will get stuck in transit
Wrong addressGiving a wrong address is the most common reason for shipment delays. You should always double-check whether your address is correct before placing an order. If this is the reason behind your package being stuck in transit, contact the courier and correct the info
International shippingThe shipments coming from overseas will automatically take longer to be delivered than others
Weather/trafficSevere weather, natural disasters, rush hours, and similar weather and traffic conditions will often lead to the packages being delivered late or getting stuck in transit
Lost packagePackages will sometimes get lost. Although it is not a pleasant experience, you can resolve the issue by filing a claim and requesting a refund
Oversized/overweight packageIf a package is heavier or bulkier than expected, it can be returned to the sender, or you’ll be asked to pay additional charges for it
Undeliverable shipmentCertain items are listed as prohibited or restricted and cannot be shipped. If a sender sends one of these items, the package will likely be destroyed or returned
Improper packagingPackages that are not safely packed or show any signs of sharp items inside will probably be stopped in transit

What Should I Do if My USPS Package Hasn’t Moved?

If your USPS package hasn’t moved in a while, you should first check the delivery standard for the mail class you chose. Find the specifics in the list below:

  1. First-Class Mail—1 to 3 business days
  2. Priority Mail—1, 2, or 3 business days
  3. Priority Mail Express—1 to 2 calendar days
  4. USPS Retail Ground—2 to 8 business days
  5. Media Mail—2 to 8 business days
  6. Bound Printed Matter—2 to 8 business days
  7. Parcel Select parcels—2 to 9 business days
  8. Parcel Select Lightweight parcels—2 to 9 business days
  9. USPS Marketing Mail—3 to 10 business days

If you wait longer than five days for the First-Class and Priority Mail or longer than 14 days for other mail classes, you should contact the courier.

Contacting USPS for Not Delivering Packages

You can contact the USPS customer support by calling them or visiting the nearest USPS location in person:

  • Calling the USPS customer support—Dial 1-800-275-8777 and talk to a rep. Explain your issue and ask how you can resolve it. They’ll provide you with further instructions
  • Visiting a USPS location—Go to a nearby USPS location and ask the employees to help you with your request. You will have to fill out a request on the spot

USPS allows you to file a claim in case your USPS package is lost or damaged. For the package to be declared missing, you’ll have to wait to see if they can find your late delivery first. If they don’t find it, your package will be declared lost. You will then be able to file a missing parcel claim within 60 days of the mailing date.

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