A Detailed Guide to the University of Tennessee Scholarships

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Get All Information About the University of Tennessee Scholarships in One Place

The University of Tennessee in Knoxville is one of the oldest and most prominent universities in the U.S. To attend any of the ten undergraduate colleges, you need around $13,000 as an in-state student or $31,000 as an out-of-state one. This number can go down if you secure the University of Tennessee scholarships.

Get your name on the scholarship recipients list with DoNotPay’s help. We’ll disclose important information about the:

  • Types of scholarships
  • Ways of finding the best scholarships
  • Application process
  • Fastest way of applying for financial aid

The Available University of Tennessee Knoxville Scholarships

If you want to be one of the lucky students who get a scholarship, you must look into your options. The more applications you send out, the higher your chances of lowering your education expenses will be.

The main types of scholarships you need to revise are:

  1. Entering freshmen scholarships
  2. Continuing undergraduates scholarships
  3. Transfer students scholarships
  4. Summer students scholarships
  5. College-specific scholarships
  6. Other scholarships

UTK Entering Freshmen Scholarship

High school seniors can get a UTK scholarship to ease their financial burden. When they apply for admission, they will be considered for different types of freshmen aid—including the ones listed below:

Student GroupAvailable Scholarships
In-state students
  • Volunteer Scholarship
  • Tennessee Lottery (HOPE) Scholarship
  • Tri-Star Scholarship Program
  • Provost Scholarship
  • Beacon Scholarship
Out-of-state students
  • Tennessee Explore Scholarship
  • Volunteer Scholarship
  • Provost Scholarship
  • Beacon Scholarship
International students
  • International Volunteer Scholarship
  • International Tennessee Explore Scholarship
  • Global Ambassador Scholarship
  • International Beacon Scholarship

UTK Continuing Student Scholarship

Undergraduates also have a fair share of aid opportunities. The options you can consider are:

  • General university and academic college scholarships—such as:
    • Volunteer Scholarship
    • Chancellor's Scholarships
    • Competitive Scholarships
    • Tri-Star Scholarship Program
  • College-specific scholarships
  • Outside scholarships

UTK Transfer Students Scholarship

Transfer students can qualify for a variety of specialized scholarships. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Volunteer Transfer Scholarship
  • The Tennessee Pledge Scholarship
  • The Flagship Scholarship
  • F. Rodney and Dell R. Lawler
  • Phi Theta Kappa Member Scholarship
  • One-Year Scholarships

UTK Summer Students Scholarship

Attending summer classes can get you a degree faster. If you want to finance these additional expenses with scholarships or grants, you can get:

  • HOPE Scholarship for Summer
  • Study Abroad Summer Scholarship
  • Summer Pell Grant

College-Specific Scholarships

The University of Tennessee has several colleges. Each one of them awards special scholarships to their students. Check with the following departments for more opportunities:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Haslam College of Business
  • Communication and Information (graduate)
  • Tickle College of Engineering
  • Law
  • Nursing

Other UT Scholarships

You can get more aid if you look into other college scholarships within the unique categories you fall into. Here are some of the groups you might belong to and scholarships you can revise:

CategoryScholarship Example
MinoritiesDr. Marva Rudolph Scholarship
Upperclassmen who showed strong campus leadership and admirable community service activitiesDean of Students
Graduate studentsUT Graduate School fellowships and assistantships
VeteransGI Bill (US Department of Veterans Affairs)
CadetsThe Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps scholarship

Besides the awards that UT offers or promotes, you can expand your search to less popular categories—including:

Scholarships For:
People with anxietyStudents with a learning disabilityLeft-handed people
CatholicsAdopted childrenEagle scouts

How To Discover the Best University of Tennessee Knoxville Scholarships

Considering the numerous options, finding the right scholarships isn’t easy. You need to turn to several sources, and some of the ways to get information are by:

  • Contacting the OneStop Student Service at:
    • 865-974-1111
    • onestop@utk.edu
  • Looking into the State of Tennessee scholarships
  • Calling or heading to your local community or organizations

Searching for external financial aid programs on the web

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How To Apply for University of Tennessee Scholarships

Both transfer and entering students who applied for admission can take the following steps towards securing a scholarship:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and use the code 003530—required for UT, federal, and state awards, including the HOPE Scholarship
  2. Fill out the necessary UT forms
  3. Write a scholarship essay—if required
  4. Collect recommendation letters—if required

You should know that the application fee is $50 for all students, but you can avoid it if you are eligible for a fee waiver.

For every scholarship you apply for, revise the terms set by the issuer. The procedure can differ depending on the program.

UTK Scholarship Deadline for Application

Use the table below as a reminder for relevant application deadlines:

Application StepDeadline
Admissions application—to be considered for freshman competitive scholarships
  • November 2—early action deadline
  • December 15—final deadline
Competitive scholarship applicationDecember 15
The FAFSA formFebruary 1
Scholarship application for summer classesMay 17
Scholarship application for transfer students
  • July 1—deadline for students who want to enroll in the summer or fall of the current year
  • February 1—deadline for students who are enrolled for the spring semester in the current year

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