How To Find a Notary Public in Newark, NJ

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Don’t Visit a Notary Public in Newark, NJ—Get Documents Notarized Online

When a document requires notarization, many people waste their time and energy finding an in-person notary public. There is a way to avoid this overlong and exhausting process—using an online notary service instead of the regular one. Some states still don’t allow remote online notarization, but luckily, New Jersey does.

If you want to know how to get documents notarized online, , and we’ll help you get an appointment with an online notary public in Newark, NJ, in no time!

Why You Might Need a Notary Public

Why do documents even have to be notarized? Detecting fraud and ensuring the adequate use of specific documents are the main reasons. Documents that usually require notarization include:

What Tasks Does a Notary Public in Newark, NJ, Perform?

A notary public in Newark, NJ, is a public officer appointed by the State of New Jersey to witness and attest to the signing of documents. Responsibilities of a Newark notary public include performing the following notarial acts:

  • Taking:
  • Administering:
    • Oaths
    • Affirmations
  • Executing:
    • Jurats for affidavits and other verifications
    • Protests for non-payment and non-acceptance

Once the notary finishes the notarization, they should create a notarial certificate, including:

The Rundown on the In-Person Notarization Process

Once you learn that you have to get documents notarized, you should find out what you are in for to prepare yourself. The entire traditional notarization process can be divided into steps:

  1. Finding a notary in your vicinity
  2. Calling or emailing to set up a meeting
  3. Collecting documents that require notarization
  4. Heading down to the notary’s office
  5. Signing the document in front of the notary
  6. Waiting for the notary to perform the notarization

During the notarization, the notary should:

  • Check your identity (by examining your ID, passport, or driver’s license)
  • Ensure you’re of sound mind and not under the influence
  • Establish there is no coercion

How Much Does It Cost To Get Documents Notarized in Newark, NJ?

Every notarial act has a notary fee cap set by the New Jersey government. Notaries are not allowed to charge more than the state limit. What they can do is charge additionally for clerical and administrative services, such as copying documents and making phone calls, or for travel expenses, in case they perform mobile notary services.

Take a look at the following table to learn about the notarial fees in Newark, NJ:

Notarial ActMaximum Fee
Administering an oath or affirmation$2.50
Taking an acknowledgment$2.50
Executing a jurat$2.50
Taking proof of a deed$2.50
Executing a protest$2 plus 10 cents for each notice

How Can I Find a Notary Public in Newark, NJ?

Even though there are many notary services out there, finding a notary public in Newark, NJ, still takes a lot of time. Deciding which notary public fits your needs, making an appointment, and visiting the notary’s office can take weeks!

Here’s where you can start searching for a Newark, NJ, notary public:

WebsitesPublic Places in Newark

Is There a More Practical Way To Get Documents Notarized in Newark, NJ?

Getting documents notarized in-person is not always the most convenient option, but no one can do it instead of you since the signer has to be personally present. Being disabled, not having transportation, and many other reasons make traditional notarization a nightmare. Remote online notarization easily solves these problems by enabling the signers to be personally present without actually going to the notary’s office.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the State of New Jersey passed the law that temporarily allows the use of remote notarization. Remote notarization requires booking an online appointment using specific audio-video platforms.

Use DoNotPay To Set Up a Virtual Appointment With a Notary Public in Newark, NJ

The problem with many online notary apps is that they are too complicated to use. They also tend to overcharge for their services. If you wanted that much hassle, you wouldn’t bother with online notarization.

With DoNotPay’s Notarize Any Document product, getting documents notarized online is a piece of cake! Our easy-to-use and budget-friendly service can make you forget about the troubles of in-person notarization.

The process of getting documents notarized is as easy as ABC—you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Choose the Notarize Any Document tool
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  3. Check your inbox for our email

Did you get the email? Excellent! All you need to do is follow the link to confirm the virtual meeting with the notary.

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