Learn How To Get Unbanned From TeamSpeak

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How To Get Unbanned From TeamSpeak the Easy Way

Are you blocked from accessing a TeamSpeak server? If you cannot use TeamSpeak anymore because of the admin’s decision, you can still find a way to get unbanned. We have gathered all the tips and tricks to teach you how to get unbanned from TeamSpeak in a flash.

This Is Why You Can’t Access a TeamSpeak Server

You can be banned from any TeamSpeak server for various reasons. Sometimes a ban may result from violating the particular server’s rules or happen by mistake even. You can confirm the details of your case by checking the ban notification you receive.

If you are unable to access a TeamSpeak server, these are the probable causes:

  • You were banned by the admin for going against the channel’s rules, or there are personal differences between you and the admin
  • TeamSpeak is not available in your current region
  • You are using a banned IP address
  • TeamSpeak has a bug

How To Get Unbanned From Any TeamSpeak Server

If you want to regain your access to a TeamSpeak server, here are the ways how to do it:

  1. Resolve the issue with the server’s admin
  2. Use a virtual private network (VPN)
  3. Talk to the TeamSpeak support

Resolve the Issue With the Server’s Admin

Most bans are issued by server administrators. In such cases, they have the right to uphold their ban decision or unban you. You can reach out to the particular server’s admin and convince them to unban you. Be polite and respectful in your communication for a favorable response. If it was your mistake, be apologetic.

If it’s a temporary ban, you can wait for the ban to expire.

The admin has to delete all bans with your unique ID (UID), IP address, and client name. If any of these is not removed, you won’t have access to the server. In case this approach doesn’t work out, you can try using a VPN.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you want to bypass the TeamSpeak permanent ban on your own, you need to use a VPN. Server admins usually utilize IP blocking to ban users from their servers. When you use a VPN, you get a different IP address, and that’s how you bypass the TeamSpeak server ban. Be aware that some server admins use anti-VPN plugins which can detect and block you from accessing the server.

You have to carefully choose a VPN that is proven to work on TeamSpeak. To proceed with this method, use these steps:

  • Delete your TeamSpeak product ID online— make sure you record it somewhere in case you need it in the future
  • Turn on your VPN
  • Create a new ID on TeamSpeak and make it default—you can do that by following these steps:
    • Locate Settings
    • Go to Identities
    • Click Add
  • Connect to the server

Many users reported that this method was successful for them. You can use it if you are banned by the server admin, your IP is accidentally blocked, or you reside in a region where TeamSpeak is not available.

Talk to the TeamSpeak Support

Even if you are unbanned by the server admin, you won’t have access if there is a bug on TeamSpeak’s side. The best solution is to inform their support team right away. Follow these steps to contact TeamSpeak’s support:

  1. Visit the TeamSpeak website
  2. Click on the Help button at the bottom right corner
  3. Type anything in the search bar that pops up
  4. Hit Enter
  5. Click the Leave us a message button
  6. Type your email address
  7. Select the relevant request type
  8. Describe the issue in detail under How can we help you
  9. Add any relevant attachments
  10. Click Send

TeamSpeak's support will contact you using the email address you entered when filling out the form.

How To Get Your Accounts Unbanned Using DoNotPay

Banned or suspended accounts are a real nuisance. DoNotPay—the world’s first AI Consumer Champion app—can help you recover your account by gathering the details of your case and creating a no-nonsense appeal letter for you.

If you believe that your ban resulted from any form of discrimination—based on your color, race, sex, religion, national origin, veteran status, or disability—DoNotPay can help you tackle the issue with the company.

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and appeal any suspension or ban on the go. We recommend using our tools to appeal the original account suspension or ban decision only. If the company has responded to your initial request, sending another one probably won’t change their decision.

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