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Elevate Home Warranty—Elevate the Service With DoNotPay

Utah-based Elevate Home Warranty has been providing home warranties since 2012. It operates only in the state of Utah and offers coverage for prices below the industry average. The company also boasts a 24/7 hotline for claims and flexible coverage.

What Coverage Plans Does Elevate Home Warranty Offer?

Elevate offers homeowners and realtors four plans covering the repair and replacement of:

  • Appliances
  • Home installation systems

For each service request, the customer pays a call fee of $59.

Check out the table for single-family home pricing.

PlanPrice (per year)
Elevated Plus$450
Totally Elevated$500

The next table shows an overview of each plan’s coverage per category.

Category Basic ElevatedElevated PlusTotally Elevated
AC and heaters PartiallyYesYesYes
AppliancesPartiallyYes (except washer and dryer)Yes (except washer and dryer)Yes

There are also various warranty add-ons priced from $35 to $180. You can remove air conditioning from any coverage and get a price reduction of $35!

Claiming Elevate Home Warranty on Your Own

Before filing a warranty claim with Elevate, it’s always a good idea to check the details of your coverage in the contract. You can also check the fine print for each plan in this brochure (pages five and six).

Elevate has four avenues for filing warranty claims:

  • Customer service phone line
  • Request Service Form on the website
  • 24-hour live chat
  • Email

Calling Customer Service

To file a warranty claim over the phone, you can contact a customer service representative by dialing 801-804-5132.

Using the Request Service Form on the Website

Elevate has an online form for requesting service on its website. Filling out the form is straightforward, and you can use it anytime. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Claim Order page
  2. Enter the information about the contract holder and preferred contact person
  3. Provide the details about the property under warranty
  4. Check all services you are requesting
  5. Describe the issue in detail
  6. Click Submit

Using Live Chat

There’s a live chat client on Elevate’s website that you can use to file a warranty claim anytime. To start a conversation, click on the chat bar in the bottom right corner of any page on the website. A window should pop up, and you can send your first message. A customer service agent should ask you to provide all the information necessary for requesting service.

Sending an Email

This method is similar to using the Request Service form. You can describe the malfunction in an email and send it to or via the contact form on the website.

Use DoNotPay To Claim Elevate Home Warranty Super Fast

We designed the world’s first AI Consumer Champion—DoNotPay—to do most of the work for you when claiming any home warranty. There’s no need to make a report about the issue you’re having. With DoNotPay, the process is automated and user-friendly.

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The process is as follows:

  1. Visit us in your
  2. Select Claim Warranty
  3. Pick Home Warranty
  4. Give information about the issue you’re experiencing and Elevate Home Warranty
  5. Click on Submit my claim

We will send your claim to Elevate on your behalf. You should expect a customer service agent to reach out to you directly to confirm coverage and initiate the procedure for repair.

Appeal Rejected Home Warranty Claims via DoNotPay

If Elevate dismisses your service request, you can file an appeal. DoNotPay makes the procedure simple and straightforward.

After you’ve accessed DoNotPay in your , do the following:

  1. Choose the Claim Warranty option
  2. Click on Appeal a Denied Warranty Claim
  3. Answer what type of claim was rejected
  4. Provide details about Elevate and your original warranty claim

Similar to filing a claim, DoNotPay sends your appeal letter to the company automatically. For any updates, you should expect them to give a follow-up to you directly.

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