Does Apple Warranty Cover Water Damage?

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Does Apple Warranty Cover Water Damage?

Apple Inc. is an American technology company based in California. Apple has a comprehensive warranty that covers malfunction due to software updates. Users are unsure whether it includes physical damage, such as water damage for water-resistant products, like iPhone 7. We explained Apple’s warranty coverage in detail to see whether the warranty for iPhone devices covers water damage or not.

What Does an Apple iPhone Warranty Cover?

Apple offers a limited warranty that lasts for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects, but it does not cover accidental damage or the damage resulting due to the normal wear and tear.

Will Apple Warranty Cover My Water-Damaged iPhone?

Liquid damage is not included in Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty, but if you are covered by consumer protection laws or regulations, you might have different rights.

Apple says that splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and that resistance can decrease in time as a result of normal wear. The company also encourages consumers not to expose their Apple products to pressurized water, soap, or any liquid.

How Do I Claim Apple Warranty?

You can contact Apple customer support and make a warranty claim using several options. We explained every one of them in detail down below.

Can You Claim Your Warranty WithYes/No
In PersonYes
Company WebsiteYes

Claiming an Apple Warranty Over the Phone

To claim your warranty over the phone, call the company’s technical support at 800-275-2273. Explain your issue and ask them to provide all the necessary details regarding your warranty claim and consumer rights.

Requesting an Apple Warranty in Person

You can claim your warranty in person by visiting your nearest Apple store and asking the staff all you want to know about your iPhone warranty. You can also get your phone fixed from defects caused by liquid damage.

How To Claim Your Apple Warranty via the Company Website

Claim your warranty online by going to Apple’s website and using the Live Chat to ask their customer support everything concerning your request. They are available 24/7.

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