Breaking Down the University of Minnesota Scholarships

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All You Wanted To Know About University of Minnesota Scholarships

The University of Minnesota (UNM) Twin Cities is a public research university with a tuition fee that can go over $30,000. Not every student has the financial means to cover these high education expenses—which is why the University of Minnesota scholarships exist.

If you don’t want to commit yourself to loans, aim at financial aid that doesn't need to be repaid. What may be a challenge is finding scholarships you are eligible for—but DoNotPay can help you with that.

We will introduce you to different scholarship options so you can find the ones you can apply for. You will also learn how our app can help you speed up the search process.

University of Minnesota Twin Cities Scholarships—The Essentials

The University of Minnesota awards $50 million in scholarships each year. Undergraduates and high-school students can apply for a variety of scholarships, while graduates can get grants and fellowships.

Certain scholarships will be added to your financial aid package—if you qualify—when you submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but some ask for a separate application. You need to look into your options so you don’t miss anything.

Scholarships can be provided by:

  • College
  • University
  • State
  • Federal government
  • Profit and non-profit organizations
  • Foundations
  • Associations
  • Companies

The decision on who gets a scholarship depends on the type you want. For need-based ones, students who are in unfortunate financial situations will be prioritized. If you apply for a merit-based scholarship, you need to have great academic achievement.

Types of University of Minnesota Scholarships

Getting your education at the University of Minnesota can become affordable if you get a scholarship. The first step is to know which types you can apply for—here are the common ones:

  1. College scholarships
  2. University-wide academic scholarships
  3. Scholarships for international students
  4. UNM scholarships with separate application
  5. Government, companies’, and organizational scholarships

College Scholarships

This type of aid is awarded to students who attend specific colleges. You can get scholarships if you attend the following schools:

  • College of Biological Sciences Scholarships
  • College of Design Scholarships
  • Carlson School of Management Scholarships
  • College of Education and Human Development Scholarships
  • College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Scholarships
  • School of Nursing Scholarships
  • College of Liberal Arts Scholarships
  • College of Science and Engineering Scholarships

University-Wide Academic Scholarships

The University of Minnesota accounts for freshmen’s academic achievements, like their grades, class rank, SAT scores, and similar, to award them with scholarships. There are numerous merit-based scholarships you can get, including:

  • Maroon and Gold Leadership Award
  • Gold Scholar Award
  • Minnesota Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Gopher State Scholarship
  • National Scholarship
  • Ruby Hackett and Weldon Jones Scholarship
  • Sig Hagen Scholarship
  • Irene Fraser Jackson Scholarship
  • Kevin Herkenhoff Memorial Scholarship
  • University of Minnesota Alumni Association Scholarship
  • University Honors Program Scholarship

Scholarships for International Students

International students can lower their costs of studying at UNM if they apply for:

  • Global Excellence Scholarships
  • International Student and Scholar Services Scholarships
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scholarship

UNM Scholarships With Separate Application

For some UNM scholarships, submitting a FAFSA form won’t suffice. The financial help provided by certain organizations, associations, and foundations at the school demands a separate application.

Here are the scholarships you can get with an additional application:

  • Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) scholarships
  • BeGreek Scholarships
  • Puckett Scholars Program
  • Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Endowed Scholarship

Government, Companies’, and Organizational Scholarships

Expand your opportunities by going through scholarships outside of the University. There are government grants—like Federal Pell Grant—you can apply for.

This is also the category which case-specific scholarships fall into, including the aid for:

Case-Specific Scholarships For:
MinoritiesStudents with disabled parentsStudents with disabilities
WomenStudents with deceased parentsTransgender students
VeteransFirst-generation college studentsStudents with children

Various organizations, companies, and communities offer support for UNM students in specific situations through financial aid, such as:

  • College Board Opportunity Scholarships
  • Wallin Education Partners Scholarship
  • Pierce Butler Scholarship
  • Sallie Mae Scholarship Database
  • Puckett Scholars Program

Where To Look for University of MN Scholarships

To get more information about specific scholarships and the requirements, you can review the following:

  • The school’s Scholarships page for undergraduates
  • The school's Funding page for graduates
  • Federal Student Aid website for federal scholarships
  • Department of Education website for region-specific scholarships

You can also browse the internet for scholarships aligned with your hobbies, beliefs, and interests. Once you find a suitable choice, get in touch with that institution to check if they support UNM students.

Does this sound like it’s too much to handle? Finding scholarships that you qualify for is a common struggle. You won’t need to go through all those different sources if you . Our app will surface every scholarship that you meet the requirements for.

How To Apply for a University of Minnesota Scholarship

Freshmen don’t need to submit a separate application for University-wide and college scholarships and grants. Their admission application will determine what aid they get. Those who want to apply for additional scholarships will need to follow the instructions for the specific aid they are interested in.

What most students will need to prepare for their scholarship application is:

  1. Completed FAFSA form
  2. Scholarship essay
  3. Letters of recommendation

Note that you should inquire about what each scholarship requires. The difference can be even in the essay topic. For one application, you might need to write about career goals, and another one may require you to elaborate on why you deserve that scholarship.

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