How to Find the Best University of Michigan Scholarships

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How To Find and Apply for University of Michigan Scholarships

Attending the University of Michigan comes with a hefty price, but, fortunately, the school’s generous financial aid program can help you reduce it. The University offers a plethora of scholarships and grants for students of every college year, but navigating through the options can be tricky.

This guide will help you find the University of Michigan scholarships you qualify for so that you can apply for them in no time!

University of Michigan—Scholarships You Can Qualify For

Before diving into the scholarships at the University of Michigan, you may want to consider learning about the application fee waiver.

The University of Michigan categorizes available scholarships by the level of study. That means you can apply for:

  1. Undergraduate scholarships
  2. Graduate scholarships

If you’re participating in a study abroad program, you can use the U-M portal to apply for select scholarships.

The University also acknowledges all scholarship checks you receive, so finding external opportunities is vital. DoNotPay can help you find and apply for a variety of external opportunities catering to your qualifications! and browse through a plethora of scholarships that will help you finance your education!

Undergraduate Scholarships at the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan offers a variety of study programs and scholarships in the fields of:

  • Business
  • Dentistry
  • Art and design
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Healthcare and nursing
  • Social work
  • Teaching

Since the University offers a large number of awards to undergraduates, you will have to contact a financial aid consultant in your school or campus to inquire about available opportunities.

Graduate Scholarships at the University of Michigan

Take a look at the following table to learn more about available graduate scholarships at the University of Michigan:

Award CategoryAwards
University of Michigan merit scholarshipsThe following awards are for students with exceptional academic achievements and immense financial need:
  • Ernst Scholarship
  • George Scholarship
  • Alumnae Council Scholarships
Work experience scholarshipsUniversity of Michigan Ann Arbor Scholarships—Students contributing to or working at an Ann Arbor church are eligible for the Iden Scholarship at the University of Michigan. The scholarship requires a separate application
Camp Michigania Scholarship—Students who worked at Camp Michigania can qualify for awards
Nursing and medical scholarships
  • Mack Scholarship
  • Robbins Memorial Scholarship
Other scholarships from the Office of Financial Aid
  • Gavett Scholarship
  • Harrison Scholarship
  • Verdier Scholarship Fund
  • University of Michigan Alumni of China Scholarship Fund
Scholarships students apply for using the My Scholarship Profile
  • Harrison Scholarship
  • Culpepper Endowed Scholarship
Scholarships that students need to submit a separate application for
  • LEO Union Scholarship
  • Lee (Herbert H.) Scholarship

Study Abroad Scholarships

Students of the University of Michigan can acquire funding to use while they’re studying abroad by applying for the following scholarships:

  • General
  • Need-based
    • Adam & Jill Breen Family Fund Scholarship (does not require a separate application)
    • Helen Curtis Davis Scholarship
    • Ginns International Scholars Fund (does not require a separate application)
    • Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman Student Global Experience Fund
    • Stein Family Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Non-need-based
    • Jerry A. May and Deborah Orr May Study Abroad Endowment Fund

What Happens With External Sponsor Checks at the University of Michigan?

If you’re a student of the University of Michigan and you received an external scholarship check, it’s your responsibility to report it to the Office of Financial Aid. If the sponsor sends the check directly to you, you may have to take some additional steps for the University to acknowledge it, depending on who it’s made out to:

  • The check is made out to the University—Bring it to the Office of Financial Aid or send it to the University
  • The check is made payable to you—Report the scholarship to the Office of Financial Aid and apply the resources to your university student account
  • The check is made co-payable to you and the University—Endorse the check and deliver it to the Office of Financial Aid

The address of the Office of Financial Aid is:

University of Michigan

Office of Financial Aid-Scholarship Unit

2500 Student Activities Building

515 E. Jefferson Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316

How To Apply for Scholarships at the University of Michigan

To successfully apply for scholarships offered by the University of Michigan, you need to submit:

  1. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  2. The College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile
  3. Additional required documentation through the Wolverine Access portal

If you’re seeking other external scholarships, you may also want to prepare:

The University of Michigan scholarship deadline depends on your student status and level of study and is subject to change every year. You should check the University’s financial aid page to learn more about the application deadlines.

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