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How To Obtain the UCF Application Fee Waiver and Save Money

The University of Central Florida is an emerging public research center in Orange County. This preeminent facility is part of the State University System of Florida and has one of the largest student bodies in the U.S., with approximately 70,000 students.

If you are thinking about applying to the University of Central Florida, you should consider the college application fee you will have to pay. In case you are experiencing financial difficulties, don’t fret about it! DoNotPay can help you get a fee waiver.

What Are College Application Fee Waivers?

Most universities require their prospective students to pay the application fee. While paying one college fee is not financially demanding, most students will apply to more than one university. Multiple application fees can add up to hundreds of dollars, depending on where you are applying to.

When that happens, application fee waivers can come in handy. Fee waivers are request forms that applicants have to submit to avoid paying the application fee. As practical as they are, not everyone can benefit from fee waivers. To apply for one, you have to either be automatically eligible or meet specific requirements.

College Fee Waivers Eligibility Criteria

Most universities follow the standard eligibility criteria for application fee waivers. To qualify for a fee waiver, you have to meet at least one of the following prerequisites:

  • Participating in the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP)
  • Being an orphan or ward of the state
  • Receiving public assistance from the federal government or state of Florida
  • Being involved in a local, state, or federal program offering financial aid to students coming from families with a low annual income
  • Living in a foster home or federally subsidized public housing
  • Being homeless
  • Coming from a family with an annual income within the Income Eligibility Guidelines

Consult the following table to see whether your annual family income falls under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Income Eligibility Guidelines:

Number of Family MembersAnnual Income

Everything You Should Know About the Application Fee for UCF

The University of Central Florida has a $30 application fee, and it is not refundable.

You can pay the UCF application fee via:

  • Major credit card
  • Check
  • Money order
  • E-check

You can apply to the UCF by submitting your application via:

While the application fee for the UCF is not that pricey, if you are applying to multiple colleges, you should opt for a fee waiver to lower your expenses as much as possible.

Check the following table to see how much application fees cost at other universities:

UniversityApplication Fee
University of California, San Diego$120
University of California, Los Angeles$70
Harvard Law$85
Duke University$85
Columbia University$85
Harvard University$75
Syracuse University$85
Stanford University$90

How To Request a UCF Application Fee Waiver on Your Own

If you meet the eligibility criteria for a fee waiver at the University of Central Florida, you should:

  1. Write a fee waiver request, including your full name and date of birth
  2. Gather the mandatory documentation
  3. Submit the request to the UCF admissions office

The obligatory documentation refers to one of the following items:

Here is how you can submit the written request along with the documents:

  • Via email—send your request to myapplicationdocs@ucf.edu
  • Via postal mail—forward the letter to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, P.O. Box 160111, Orlando, FL 32816-0111

How To Obtain University of Central Florida Application Fee Waiver Using DoNotPay

Requesting college fee waivers can be an extremely demanding task, especially if you are applying to several universities. It requires collecting the various information and gathering documents for each of the colleges you are considering.

With DoNotPay’s handy College Application Fee Waiver feature, you can avoid the grunt work and focus on the student life ahead of you.

What Does the College Application Fee Waiver Do for You?

Our College Application Fee Waiver service uses the most thorough U.S. college database and helps you get fee waivers from almost any university in the States. With our service, you can get:

  • Transfer Student Fee Waivers
  • Enrollment Deposit Fee Waivers
  • New Student Application Fee Waivers

By using the College Application Fee Waiver, you can strengthen your request by getting a signature from your high school counselor or other assigned school official.

We can get you the signature by composing an email on your behalf. The email includes your fee waiver request and an explanation of your financial hardship.

The counselor’s signature will work as proof of your financial needs.

How To Request a UCF Application Fee Waiver With DoNotPay

To request a fee waiver from the University of Central Florida, you should access DoNotPay from your and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the College Application Fee Waiver feature
  2. Select the type of college fee you would like to waive
  3. Choose the University of Central Florida or other desired university
  4. Answer several questions about your financial circumstances
  5. Notify us whether you want to obtain a signature from your high school counselor or another school official

How Do We Manage Your Fee Waiver Requests?

If you are looking to avoid the hard work when requesting fee waivers, DoNotPay is the best option. We do the heavy lifting and help you avoid paying the fees by:

  • Gathering all the information you need for submitting a request
  • Completing the fee waiver request form on your behalf
  • Obtaining the signature from your high school counselor or other designated official, provided you need it
  • Mailing the fee waiver request directly to the admissions office of the UCF or other university you are applying to
  • Informing you when the university makes a decision regarding your request

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