Syracuse University Application Fee Waiver Explained

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A Quick Guide To Getting a Syracuse University Application Fee Waiver

Syracuse University is a private research facility based in New York and organized into 13 schools and colleges. The university has programs in information studies and library science, architecture, communications, business administration, engineering, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

If you’re thinking about applying, keep in mind that you might be qualified for a Syracuse University application fee waiver—use DoNotPay to take advantage of that!

College Application Fee Waivers—What Are They, and How Do They Help?

Applying to colleges and universities is time-consuming, overwhelming, and quite expensive. Students take on a lot of pressure and spend hundreds of dollars when researching and applying to universities, so fee waivers can be of immense help to them regarding the expenses of application fees. The purpose of fee waivers is to help the students who come from low-income families or are in financial need, but that is not the only criterion for getting an application fee waived.

The application fees and the criteria for eligible candidates for fee waivers differ from school to school. Some schools have application fees of $50 to $60, while other prestigious universities, like Harvard and Columbia, charge $80 to $90 for their applications.

How Much Is the Syracuse University Application Fee?

Syracuse University has an application fee of $85. You can get fee waivers if you:

  • Are a student who received the SAT or ACT fee waiver
  • Have received NACAC fee waivers
  • Find that paying an application fee is a financial hardship for you
  • Are a current or former member of the U.S. military

Can I Get an Automatic College Application Fee Waiver?

The criterion that guarantees an automatic college fee waiver is if you are a student who is in a hard financial situation. Some colleges and universities will give automatic application fee waivers to the former or current members of the U.S military as well. Students who already got an ACT or SAT fee waiver are also eligible candidates for college application fee waivers.

In case you are using Common App or Coalition App, the process is simplified because both of these facilitate the procedure of applying for college fee waivers.

How To Apply for the Syracuse University Application Fee Waiver

Syracuse University offers multiple ways to apply for their application fee waivers. Let’s review them one by one:

Can I Apply for a Fee Waiver ViaYes/No
SAT and ACTYes
Letter from a school counselorYes
Common AppYes

Students With the SAT or ACT Fee Waivers

If you fall under this category, all you need to do is forward a copy of your SAT or ACT fee waiver to the Syracuse University admissions office.

Using NACAC To Apply for Syracuse Application Fee Waiver

The NACAC form will also be accepted by Syracuse University, and you can complete it in the next three steps:

  1. Download the form and write Syracuse University on the top line
  2. Fill out the Student section and check all the boxes that apply to you in the Economic need section (you can select Other request if none of the boxes are right for you and explain your financial situation in short)
  3. Have a school counselor complete the Authorized Official section verifying your economic eligibility and send the form to Syracuse University admissions office

Having a School Counselor Vouch for Your Financial Situation

Your school counselor can request a fee waiver at your behest if you are a student dealing with financial hardship. The counselor should complete the request in writing on school letterhead and submit it as a PDF file to

Apply for Syracuse Application Fee Waiver as a Member of the U.S. Military

As a current or former member of the military, you can have your application fee waived automatically by filling out the Veterans and Military Students Application.

This is how it works:

  1. Visit the Syracuse University website
  2. Click on Begin Your Application
  3. Sign in and finish the steps through the Common App

Apply for a Syracuse Application Fee Waiver With Common App

Syracuse University will accept fee waiver requests made with Common App as well. Follow the steps below to apply with Common App:

  1. Indicate in the Profile section that you are eligible for a fee waiver
  2. List your reasons why based on the indicators of economic need in that section
  3. Sign the section and submit your application

Your request should be processed in seven to ten business days.

Use DoNotPay To Apply for Your Syracuse Application Fee Waiver in Five Minutes

DoNotPay can simplify the process of applying for college fee waivers and do a lot more for you! We know that applying to multiple colleges and universities can be tiring and that several application fees can end up amounting to a couple of hundred dollars. That is why we came up with the College Application Fee Waiver feature that will make applying for fee waivers feel like a breeze!

Here’s a quick five-step guide you should follow to apply for the Syracuse application fee waiver:

  1. Load DoNotPay in your
  2. Choose the College Application Fee Waive tool
  3. Pick the fee that you would like to have waived
  4. Choose Syracuse University from the provided list
  5. Answer a few short questions about your financial situation and state whether you want to get a counselor's signature

The three types of fee waivers we can offer you are:

  1. Enrollment Deposit Fee Waiver
  2. New Student Application Fee Waiver
  3. Transfer Student Fee Waiver

With our app, you can boost your admission application so that you have better chances of getting a fee waiver! The way it works is simple and takes almost no effort on your part—we do most of the work!

All you need to do is let us get your school counselor’s signature and do the rest of the work for you. We’ll complete the fee waiver form and send it on your behalf to the Syracuse University admissions office!

You can get our assistance in waiving both college application fees (for undergrad and grad studies) and test fees, with the only exception of the SAT and ACT.

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