Get Your Tesco Diets Free Trial Risk-Free with a Virtual Card

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Get Your Tesco Diets Free Trial Risk-Free with a Virtual Card

Tesco supermarkets incorporated a healthy selection of healthy diet plans, meals, and single-serving products to provide its customers with nutritionally balanced diets. The contains 1,200 calories daily and aims to help people lose around 2lbs per week. It's a simple way to ease customers into portion control, allowing them to attain their diet and body weight goals.

Does Tesco Diets Offer a Free Trial?

There is little information on the new Tesco Diet program and its free trial offer. However, a would allow shoppers and long-term customers to enjoy the deliver-to-door diet plans before subscribing.

So far, Tesco only has a free trial of its delivery program, which the supermarket chain shelved in early 2020 due to high demand. So far, Tesco offers limited free trials that pop up online for a short period.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With a DoNotPay Virtual Card

Free online product and service trials often have a limited period (mostly one month) before automatically renewing into paid subscriptions. These offers allow people to use the product or enjoy a service before deciding whether to subscribe or commit their time and resources.

Free trials are enticing, whether it's one of the following:

These companies offer free trials to get customers to attract new customers. The caveat is that these subscription companies will require customers to enter their credit card information, even if it's only a free trial. They promise not to charge the card during the free trial but automatically do it once it ends.

Many often forget to cancel their subscriptions before the end of their free trial and waste money. Unfortunately, many companies fail to remind customers of their free trial lapses and ask whether they wish to subscribe or cancel. Instead, they automatically renew the subscriptions and charge customers money.

No matter the service cost, everybody could use an extra $10 or $20 for something essential. Sometimes companies charge credit cards several times before the owners realise they are paying customers. What's worse is most companies will not refund the money charged after the lapse of a free trial.

That's why DoNotPay developed virtual credit cards that customers can use to sign up to free trials.

The cards have the following characteristics:

  1. Customers can only use a free virtual credit card once
  2. They cannot make actual purchases
  3. The card gets deactivated once a customer uses it because the main point is avoiding unwarranted credit card charges.

Therefore, the company cannot charge them by debiting their credit cards even if they forget to renew or cancel their subscriptions.

How Much Does Tesco Diets Subscription Cost?

The Tesco diet is under £50, which is cheaper than most of the UK's deliver-to-door diet plans. Tesco currently offers 16 different diet plans. Other additional elements available include:

  • The Recipe Club offers numerous recipes from other members
  • Tesco Diets Fitness Plan provides personalised fitness routines at home
  • Weight loss plan
  • Health-specific plans
  • Do-it-your-way plans

Alternative Online Diet Options

Tesco diets are not the only diet option in the UK. Thus, if you cannot find the free trial offer, you can check one of these options to meet your needs.

18ShakeA package costs $59.99Offers deep discounts for multiple purchases, for example, this ongoing 70% discount
NutriSystemThe company offers three categories:
  • Basic at $9.82 per day
  • Core at $10.54 daily
  • Uniquely Yours at $11.96 daily
Provides a 40% discount
Dukan DietThe company offers different price ranges depending on the groceries boughtIt also offers monthly online support for $29.99
Weight WatchersWeight Watchers has three plans:
  1. OnlinePlus at $4.30 weekly
  2. Meetings + OnlinePlus at $8.30 weekly on a three-month plan
  3. Coaching + OnlinePlus at $10.15 on a three-month plan
Plexus SlimA 30-day supply directly from the manufacturer sells for $84.95 or $2.83 daily.

The best-rated diets should be nutritious, safe, relatively easy to follow, and effective.

What Else Does DoNotPay Do?

You can do more with DoNotPay to save money and time. For example, you can get free trials in the following easy steps:

  1. Open the DoNotPay website.
  2. Locate the free trial credit card product.
  3. Enter the company name.
  4. The site will generate the virtual card immediately.
  5. Use it to sign up for a Tesco diet free trial.

DoNotPay can also provide you with assistance with the following Tesco products and services:

You can also do more with DoNotPay apart from cancelling your subscription. These options include:

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