How to Start an HBO Free Trial

Get Free Trials & Don't Get Charged How to Start an HBO Free Trial

Learn How to Start an HBO Free Trial With No Risks 

HBO (short for Home Box Office) is a U.S. cable television network owned by WarnerMedia Studios & Networks. Launched in 1972, HBO is the oldest subscription-based TV service in America. 

The network caused a seismic shift in the world of television in the late 1990s when it started producing its own content, some of which rose to cult-classic status. During this time, HBO created extremely popular TV shows such as The Wire, Sex & The City, and The Sopranos, changing the world of TV and media consumption for generations to come.

Can You Get an HBO Free Trial?

Yes, HBO offers a free trial period for each of its services.

There are four types of HBO free trials you can sign up for:  

  1. HBO Go
  2. HBO Now
  3. TV channel
  4. HBO Max 

The trial period for HBO TV and HBO Go is valid for seven days, while you can test HBO Now and HBO Max for a whole month. During the trial period, you can enjoy all the benefits of a regular, paid subscription.

How you go about obtaining your free trial will depend on the HBO service you wish to try out. Below is a detailed guide for each of the four main services.

HBO Go Free Trial

With HBO Go, you can watch HBO away from your TV. The HBO Go free trial lets you stream HBO content on your computer, smartphone, or even a gaming console.

During the seven-day trial period, you can watch any TV show or movie that has been broadcast on the HBO TV channel and produced by HBO. 

HBO Go is included with an HBO TV channel subscription, but you can also purchase it individually.

Start Your Free HBO Go Trial

You can secure your HBO Go Trial by doing the following:

  1. Access HBO Go
  2. Hit the Start Your Seven-Day Free Trial button
  3. Enter your credit card information

Cancel the subscription at least two days before the trial ends, or your subscription will renew after the trial period expires.

HBO Now Free Trial

Similar to HBO Go, HBO Now allows you to watch HBO content via the internet. You can use HBO Now without a TV subscription to HBO.

Unlike HBO Go, this platform doesn’t stream HBO-produced materials exclusively but comes with a wider array of shows and films, including WarnerMedia hits like Friends, The Lord of The Rings, and more.

This free trial lets you use HBO Now for 30 days. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, we’ve got a shortcut to canceling HBO Now.

Get the HBO Now Free Trial

To test out HBO Now before you commit to a paid subscription, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Access HBO Now from a web browser, smartphone, or an Amazon Fire tablet
  2. Select the free trial option
  3. Provide your credit card information

Again, you should cancel the subscription at least two days before the trial ends, or you will be charged for using the service after 30 days.

HBO TV Channel Free Trial

Most TV providers offer a seven-day free trial that grants access to HBO channels on TV. 

Some providers will even include additional channels owned by HBO production, such as Cinemax. You might also get HBO Go and HBO TV free trials as a package deal. Reach out to your TV carrier for more details.

How to Try the HBO TV Channel Out for Free 

To take HBO TV for a test ride, contact your television service provider and ask them if they offer HBO, then request a free trial for one week.

If HBO TV didn’t turn out to be your cup of tea, inform the carrier that you wish to cancel the service at least two days before the trial ends.

HBO Max Free Trial

HBO Max is an online streaming service and an upgraded version of HBO Now. Customers who have an HBO Now subscription can upgrade to HBO Max free of charge.

The trial period for HBO Max is valid for 30 days.

Sign Up for a Free HBO Max Trial

Here’s how you can get your HBO Max free trial:

  1. Visit HBO Max 
  2. Press the button offering a 30-day free trial
  3. Type in your credit card information

If you change your mind about HBO Max, you can always cancel it at least two days before it turns into a paid subscription.

Update: Unfortunately, the HBO Max free trial offer has expired, and most providers have excluded it from their subscriptions. If a provider chooses to include an HBO Max free trial as a part of their promotional offer or subscription, you'll be able to see it on the sign-up page.

Will the HBO Subscription Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Yes, subscriptions for all HBO services automatically turn into paid subscriptions. You will need to cancel the subscription at least two days before the trial expires to avoid being charged.

If you don’t cancel on time, you will pay for at least one month extra, and you will not be eligible to get a refund. When you cancel the subscription you paid for, you are allowed to use the service until the end of the paid billing period.

How Much Does HBO Cost After the Trial?

Depending on the service you tried out, a different monthly fee will be charged to your account after the trial is over. 

Refer to the table below for more details:

Type of HBO Service

Duration of the Free Trial

Monthly Cost After the Free Trial

HBO TV free trial

7 days Up to $10
HBO Go free trial 7 days

Up to $20

HBO Now free trial

30 days $15
HBO Max free trial  30 days


What Are HBO Charges Going to Look Like on My Statement?

If you decide to keep the service after the free trial, HBO’s subscription charge will appear on your bank statement. This is what it will typically look like:

HBO NOW (855) 942-6669 8559426669 HBO Dig Sv In CA GOOGLE *HBO DIG SV I G.CO/PAYHELP# CA
HBO DIG SV INC HBO NOW (855) 942-6669 HBO NOW (855) 942- HBO.C
TWX*HBONOW NY HBO NOW (855) 942-6669 HBO.COM HBO NOW (855) 942-666 HBO.COM NY
HBO NOW 855 942-6669 HBO DIG SV I855-836-3987 HBO
TWX*HBONOW Hbo Now (855) 94httpshbo.comny GOOGLE *HBO DIG SV IN 855-836-3987 CA

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