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Start Your Bally Total Fitness Free Trial Securely With a Virtual Card

One way to find out if a gym is a good fit for you is through a free trial offer or special pricing deal. Perhaps you tried a or Guest Pass to see if you liked their service, or maybe you even joined.

If you weren't aware of the fate of Bally Total Fitness, they were embroiled in a plethora of controversies and investigations throughout the years, including illegal billing practices, financial fraud, a probe into accounting practices, and a variety of other issues. They filed for bankruptcy on two occasions and eventually closed all of its locations by 2016.

Although Bally Total Fitness did not have sites in the UK, there is Total Fitness and other options you can consider. If you're looking for other free trial options, DoNotPay has you covered.

Free Gym Trials

Many gyms allow you to check out their gym for a day or two with a Guest Pass or a Day Pass. Sometimes you can secure these from a friend who can share them as part of their membership. Other times you can get them directly from the gym you are interested in .

Automatic Renewals on Your Gym Trial

The key to any free trial is to find out if it is a legitimate free trial or if you will be charged at any point if you do not cancel. If you are required to provide your credit card information, the company is likely going to charge you as soon as your "free" trial period ends. It is your responsibility to ensure you are not cancelled because, in most cases, the company will not do you any favours.

How to Avoid Automatic Renewals With a DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Many times, consumers forget to cancel free trials or do not take the time to jump through the required hoops, and businesses count on this. So you keep paying for a service you're not even using, and the gym just keeps taking your money for a service you don't want.

However, if you sign up for a free trial with a virtual credit card, you can save yourself this headache and your hard-earned money. When you request a virtual credit card from DoNotPay, we will generate a random credit card number and the associated credit card information that you can then use to subscribe to your preferred service. Once the free trial expires, the company cannot charge you because there is no money or credit line on the card. You will be automatically unsubscribed, thanks to your free virtual credit card.

Advantages of a Virtual Credit Card

  1. Minimises errors
  2. Tightens security and lessens the risk of fraud
  3. Improve payment and remittance data
  4. Faster payments to suppliers
  5. Has lower costs than plastic cards

Popular Alternatives to Bally Total Fitness

There are a variety of different gyms you may wish to consider aside from . Here are several across the UK that offer various membership perks and benefits.

WebsiteMembershipsFree TrialBenefits
Total FitnessIndividual, Couple, Family - Various Discounts Available.Free One Day Pass Available.
  • Swimming Pools, Lessons.
  • Squad Sessions.
  • Total Fitness App.
  • Variety of Workout Classes.
Anytime FitnessStudent, 3-Month, 7-Month, Annual, Etc.Through Your Local Gym; Anytime Fitness Connect Has A 14-Day Trial.
  • Open 24/7.
  • Anytime Fitness and Anytime Workout apps.
  • Partner Discounts.
  • Worldwide gym access.
Fitness FirstIndividual, Student And Corporate Memberships.Available Through The Local Club By Scheduling An Appointment With A Fitness Expert.
  • Five styles of classes to suit your mental and physical health needs.
  • FFX On-Demand offers 24/7 service.
  • Expert personal trainers.
JettsMonthly Or Annual Options.1 Day Free Trial At Your Nearest Gym.
  • Access to 270+ 24/7 gyms worldwide.
  • No lock-in contracts available.
  • Personal trainers with specialist skills.
  • Small group classes.

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