The Most Popular Scholarships Essay Prompts

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The Most Common Scholarships Essay Prompts—How To Answer Them

While the scholarship application process is repetitive, essays are what drains the most energy. When you are interested in several scholarships or grants, you need to put your time and effort into coming up with stellar essays that will win over the committee.

What if you can cut this process short? If you learn how to tackle the most common scholarship essay prompts, you’ll be able to finish the task stress-free.

Find out which ones come up the most often and how you should approach this task. Once you learn how to recognize what every prompt requires you to say, you’ll get a winning formula for writing killer essays.

The Recurring Topics in Scholarships Essay Prompts

Scholarship essays mostly revolve around similar themes. The committee that determines your destiny wants to assess how you can contribute to their mission. For that reason, you’ll get to discuss certain themes repeatedly—such as:

  • Your character
  • Scholarship
  • Community
  • Career
  • Challenges
  • Influences
  • Goals
  • Finances

The Most Popular Scholarship Essay Questions and Answers That Will Get You the Much-Needed Money

Each theme comes with a specific prompt or question that regularly pops up. It can come in a slightly different form, but the point is usually the same.

Here are the most popular essay prompts:

ThemePromptAnswer Should Focus On
Your characterTell us about yourself
  • Passions
  • Events that shaped you as a person
  • Successes that are the most valuable to you
ScholarshipWhy do you deserve this scholarship?How it will help you with:
  • Overcoming financial hardships—if you come from a low-income family
  • Achieving a goal
  • Pursuing your preferred field
CommunityHow have you contributed to your community?Write about the specific examples of your involvement in the community and the way those events helped you grow
CareerWhy did you choose this career?
  • What made you interested in that field
  • How you plan to make a difference
ChallengesTell us about a time you failed. What did you learn?
  • Personal, academic, or professional misstep
  • The valuable lesson you’ve learned
  • The specific actions you would approach differently if it occurred again
InfluencesWho has been your biggest influence?The person who shaped your:
  • Goals
  • Aspirations
  • Perspective
GoalsWhat are your academic or career goals?The moment or event that made you set those goals
FinancesHow do you plan to finance your studies?Talk about your effort to secure funds—such as:
  • Working part-time
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Getting a summer job

How To Come Up With Scholarship Essay Topics

For some programs, you have the complete freedom to write about anything you want. Choosing your own topic can seem like a dream come true at first, but it’s not that easy to think of one that will amaze the committee.

You should follow these steps while in pursuit of an ideal topic:

  1. Single out the scholarships
  2. Organize the topics
  3. Think about what makes you unique

Discovering the Scholarships

While reusing an essay isn’t the best choice, if you plan to apply for several scholarships in the field of computer science—for example—and you get to pick your topic, you might get away with it. Before you start writing, you should pick out the college scholarships you are interested in. To automate this process and save time, . Our nifty app can give you a custom-made list of all aid types you qualify for in no time.

Organizing the Topics

You can group the no-topic essays based on their similarities—such as scholarships for women, nurses, international students, veterans, and others. You can write a single essay that you can send to two or more committees if you believe that your approach is stellar for the given scholarships. For example, for women minority scholarships, you can write about a strong black female figure who inspired you to go after your dream.

Finding Your Unique Traits and Qualities

The next step is to think about what makes you different. Do you have extraordinary leadership skills? Did you overcome the obstacles you faced as a minority? Don’t be afraid to talk about deeper subjects—such as a learning disability, anxiety, and similar. Your uniqueness is your golden ticket to a winning essay topic.

Here are a few ideas you can adopt or modify:

  • The Person Who Changed My Life—Write about your parent, teacher, counselor, inspirational public figure, and so on
  • How I Learned To Take Destiny Into My Own Hands—Share a story about an obstacle you faced that motivated you to become more determined
  • What I Do Best—Provide a background story of your childhood and the way your greatest skill developed
  • My X Steps to Success—Explain what you had to overcome to get to this point

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