How to Effectively Appeal When Your Redbubble Account is Suspended

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How to Appeal Your Redbubble Account Suspension

Redbubble is a worldwide online marketplace for print-demand products based on user-submitted artwork. The company was established in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, and has offices in San Francisco and Berlin, Germany.

The company gives a rare opportunity to artists to sell their new creations independently and has more than 700,000 designers and millions of passionate fans. As it is with other online platforms, your if you violate the terms and conditions of service.

The reinstatement of your account depends on why it was suspended. Redbubble claims they do not restore accounts that were banned due to fraud, spam, or policy violation. There could be instances that their bot may have flagged your account incorrectly and we can certainly help you appeal its restoration

Reasons for Your Redbubble Account Ban

Online platforms rarely go into the specifics of why they ban an account and would often give a general reason such as a violation of their terms and conditions. Here are some possible reasons why your :

  • Fraudulent activity
  • Trademark issues
  • Multiple accounts
  • Keyword Spamming
  • Unqualified member

Fraudulent Activity

Redbubble will likely detect any fraudulent activity in your account through its processes and tools. When you intentionally list a deceptive product claimed to be offered in the Redbubble marketplace, you have committed fraud. Other examples of activities considered fraudulent include carrying out deceitful transactions with buyers.

On rare occasions, the company confuses automated uploading tools for fraudulent activities. They assume that other users have access to your account, and thus Redbubble might decide to suspend your account temporarily.

Trademark Issues

It is one of the common reasons why your account might be suspended. In some instances, you might post your artwork inspired by your own words but still find yourself in the trap of trademark infringement.

Redbubble clearly states that if the product you have listed on the platform has some phrases, images, and vector packs from another artist, it is declined, and your account is flagged.

Before posting anything on the platform, it is always advisable to check your designs and phrases at the Trademark Checker to filter any similarities with other artists' works.

Multiple Accounts

The company is rigorous on a one-account policy, and violation of the policy attracts a severe consequence to your account. If you have more than one account but on the same IP address, all the accounts will be terminated.

Similarly, if you use different accounts on different devices such as laptops or mobile phones, the company has a tactic of tracking and disabling them.

The same policy applies when you use the same bank account for different accounts. In this case, your account will not be spared but shortlisted as a potential subject for banning. Keep in mind that you will be charged if you open another account associated with the disabled one. To avoid this, you should ensure that you diversify all your new account details to qualify for the platform again.

Keyword Spamming

If you are used to spamming words every time to ensure that you remain on the top search list, you risk your account suspension. The company has upgraded its systems and constantly checks any account that spams keywords.

You might think that putting similar words in the description will win you a competitive advantage over others, but it's not always the case. It makes your account look messy and might lead to suspensions. Therefore, it is advisable to add specific descriptions and have relevant keywords.

For example, when you want to sell a funny shirt about Bernie Sanders, you don't have to include other names of famous politicians. You might think you are increasing your reach, but in a real sense, you are making your account a candidate for suspension.

Unqualified Member

When Redbubble realizes that you are not qualified, they won't hesitate to bring down your account. For example, if you are below 18 years old and have been making money on the platform, you won't be given any warning, but your account will be brought down.

What Happens When Your Redbubble Account Has Been Disabled?

When your account has been suspended, you will neither be able to log in to your account nor access any product listed on the platform.

All products will neither be in the search results nor available for sale. In instances of an account suspension, you can claim your outstanding balance for the sales you had made before the suspension.

How Can You Prevent Your Redbubble Account From Being Disabled?

Your account will be safe if you abide by the following rules:

  1. Have copyright of your content
  2. Make sure your content does not infringe on intellectual property
  3. Your content does not defame any person, race, or religion
  4. Your content does not have malicious content
  5. Your content does not mislead others

Sometimes it seems like Redbubble accounts get suspended for no real reason. DoNotPay can help you write an appeal letter when that happens.

Can You Get Your Redbubble Account Back on Your Own?

If you think your account was suspended mistakenly, you can submit an appeal to their team. Even if you have provided evidence, the team will, in most cases, say that they are not allowed to disclose the nature of your account suspension. This implies that the chances of having your account restored are minimal.

Fortunately, DoNotPay can try through thick and thin to pressure the Redbubble team to consider your appeal and get your account reinstated.

Learn How DoNotPay Helps You Appeal for Your Redbubble Account Reinstatement

Having your account suspended can be discouraging especially when you have no idea why it was shut down. DoNotPay can give you a better chance at getting your Redbubble account restored.

Simply follow these three simple steps:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.

  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.

  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

And that’s it! We’ll have a customized appeal letter ready in less than 5 minutes then send it to the company on your behalf. The letter will also indicate a two-week deadline for Redbubble to respond. This will increase the chances of us getting a resolution sooner.

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