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A Complete Guide to the Pep Boys Return Policy

If you find yourself ready to give up on a refund because the Pep Boys return policy seems overwhelming, can be just the solution you’re looking for. Our guide is here to simplify the return process and help you get your money back in a flash!

Everything You Need To Know About the Pep Boys Return Policy

If you received a product that is faulty or damaged, the Pep Boys return policy allows you to return most items within 90 days. To be considered eligible for a refund, items must be in resalable condition and returned in their original packaging.

Some Pep Boys products don’t qualify for returns, including:

  • Clearance merchandise
  • Motorized transportation, generators, and power equipment products—these are regulated by individual manufactures
  • Test equipment, specialty tools, and Traxxas cars that have been opened or damaged
  • Performance accessories, electrical items, electronics, sound items, and tire chains if they have been installed

Items With Return Limitations

Before attempting to return your unwanted product, keep in mind that the Pep Boys return policy outlines items that have strict limitations on where or how they can be returned. Some of these items include:

  • Items purchased online and picked up in person can only be returned to a store
  • Liquid items can only be returned to a store—the returns processing center is unable to process them
  • Cores containing fluids—such as power steering stumps and air conditioning compressors—must be drained before you return them

Pep Boys Return Policy—How To Return Unwanted Products

Depending on where you made your purchase—either online or in store—there are two methods you can use to send your Pep Boys return:

  1. In-store returns
  2. Mail-in returns

Pep Boys Return Policy—In-Store Returns

You can return in-store or online purchases to any Pep Boys store near you. Make sure to bring the original receipt or the invoice that was included in your online shipment when making your return. Once a store associate approves and processes your refund request, you will receive a full refund or an exchange.

Can You Return an Item Without a Receipt?

If you misplaced your receipt, Pep Boys allows you to return your item for in-store credit with a valid government-issued ID. Refunds for items returned without a receipt will only be issued at the lowest selling price in the last 30 days. If the item went on sale for 60% off in the past three weeks, you will receive 60% of the original price.

How To Return Pep Boys Items via Mail

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete your return online:

  1. Visit the Pep Boys website and open the Order History page
  2. Fill in the order number and your email address
  3. Click on View Order Status and follow further instructions

Before you send in your return, double-check that you are following the shipping and packaging requirements of the carrier. You alone are responsible for including the Return Form containing the item’s Return Authorization Number and handling any returns with prepaid shipping labels. Failure to adhere to these requirements will lead to delays and, in some cases, prevent your return from being processed.

Insuring Your Shipment

When returning orders more expensive than $100, you may want to consider insuring your shipment. Pep Boys are unable to process returns for items that have been damaged while in transit. Keep in mind that you will not receive a refund for the cost of insurance.

Shipping Charges—Will You Be Refunded?

If you paid hefty shipping fees when you made your purchase and decided that you didn’t want the item, you will not be refunded. Instead, the amount charged for shipping will be deducted from the refund or credit.

If you paid for shipping for a defective item or if Pep Boys made an error, you will receive a full refund for shipping charges, and you will not have to pay to ship your return.

How Long Does It Take for Pep Boys To Process Returns?

Pep Boys returns are processed in the order that they are received. The average time that it takes is 3–5 business days. Keep an eye on your email—this is how they will inform you that your return has been processed.

If you paid for your product via check, the processing will take longer—Pep Boys will not be able to accept your return until 15 days after the date of purchase.

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