3 Steps to Recover Your Banned OnlyFans Account

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3 Steps to Recover Your Banned OnlyFans Account

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service. Creators publish content and fans subscribe and pay for the content. It's a simple concept that has developed a very risque reputation. This is because many people use OnlyFans to cultivate a fandom for erotic pictures and videos of themselves. As long as everyone follows the rules, it is a safe way for bold, expressive people and those who enjoy them to connect financially.

However, there are also many ways that both creator and fan OnlyFans account bans can occur. On a platform that features erotic content and direct contact between creators and fans, it's no surprise that the lines of conduct - and the measures taken to provide safety, are active. But the rules for allowed content can change and there are also instances of account hacking and false reporting. So if your , DoNotPay can help you appeal to get it back.

Possible Reasons Why You Could Get Banned From OnlyFans

There are all sorts of permanent and temporary from OnlyFans. However, if you have conducted your account activities in a safe and respectful manner, then only the changing content standards, account hacking, or false reports are likely to be the reason.

This list of reasons you can get banned on OnlyFans has been put together from both their Terms of Service and user reports of why they have been banned in the past.

  1. Non-permitted content
  • Dangerous, Violent, or Extreme Content
  • Posting Content that is Not Yours
  • Unapproved promotional content
  1. Hacked accounts
  • Any disallowed activity while your account was not under your control
  1. Abusive or threatening behavior
  • Hate speech, and violent language
  • Stalking or doxing
  • Inciting harm or self-harm
  • Not respecting end-of-contract wishes
  • Unsolicited sexual messages
  • Attempting to extort or blackmail
  1. Revealing another user’s information
  2. Deception and criminal activity
  3. Recording content or trying to take content outside of the OnlyFans structure
  4. Trying to hack the Onlyfans platform itself
  5. Attempting to steal the OnlyFans Brand

The Rotating Content Rules

The biggest problem with banned accounts for OnlyFans creators is the rotating content rules. OnlyFans can't seem to decide just how erotic or explicit its content is allowed to be. There are also issues with including copyrighted material like songs or background media in your content.

OnlyFans may or may not ban you if they decide your content is promotional. There have also been reports of selective rule enforcement, where some creators are banned and others are not for the same content strategies and behaviors - sometimes frame for frame. Creators with a banned account should review the latest content policies and try to work with OnlyFans support to restore their account with fresh understanding on content restrictions and guidelines.

What to Do if Your Account Got Banned From OnlyFans

The only way to make a complaint or appeal a ban is to contact OnlyFans support directly.

  1. Send an email to Support@OnlyFans.com.
  2. Include some basic information.
  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Details
  • Description of Your Issue: Account ban and the surrounding circumstances
  • Purpose of Complaint: Appeal Account Ban
  1. Wait for a response.
  2. Provide supporting information. If you have any details surrounding the account ban, or if OnlyFans asks for details, provide them. This may include screenshots, copies of your content, or proof that you were hacked.
  3. Demand resolution. If OnlyFans is denying access to your account for no apparent reason, you can demand that they unlock your banned Onlyfans account or push the issue with corporate. DoNotPay can help.

Get Your OnlyFans Account Back With DoNotPay!

Is OnlyFans refusing to resolve or restore your account? We can help. DoNotPay knows how to end-around unhelpful customer service and get right to the heart of the matter. Whether there is an ongoing investigation or your account is in a gray-area that is tough to decide on, DoNotPay will send a demand letter giving OnlyFans just two weeks to make a decision and respond to your appeal request.

Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.

  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.

  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

In less than 5 minutes, we will generate a tailor-made appeal letter and send it directly to the company. The letter will also indicate a two-week deadline for the company to respond, expediting the process.

How to Not Get Banned From OnlyFans

It truly is an awful experience getting banned or even suspended from your favorite platform. Despite the constantly changing rules, here are a few best practices to help you avoid an OnlyFans ban in the future.

For Creators

  • Review the content policies every one to three months to make sure your content plan meets the requirements
  • Audit past content on your page if it no longer fits the restrictions
  • Carefully manage and limit your interaction with fans

For Fans or Viewers

  • Never try to take content off of OnlyFans outside of platform tools
  • Remain polite and respect the privacy of creators

Both Fans and Creators

  • Communicate respectfully with others
  • Treat OnlyFans like a business platform when choosing what to say
  • Never reveal your own or others private information
  • Refrain from posting hate-fueled content and comments
  • Don't use the platform for unintended purposes

DoNotPay Will Help You Appeal Banned or Suspended Accounts on Any Platform

Being unable to access your account is understandably very frustrating especially if you are not getting the support you need. We are here to help you with your cause. We’ll be happy to appeal on your behalf to restore your suspended or banned account in platforms such as:

Twitter Facebook TikTok
Tinder Uber PlayStation
Omegle Google Instagram
Xbox YouTube Steam
Pinterest Amazon Reddit

What Other Solutions Can DoNotPay Provide

DoNotPay can make life easier for you in a dozen different ways. Our tools are designed to help you cut red tape on necessary chores, save time, and save money. We have the time to sit on hold, file rebates, and send demand letters to improve your life when you don't have the time.

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