You Don’t Have To Visit a Notary in Williamsport, PA

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Book an Online Notary in Williamsport, PA, in a Jiffy!

Even though it’s not always required, it is preferable to have paperwork notarized. If you decide to get your documents notarized, we know how to make the procedure super easy. Remote online notarization is now available in nearly 30 states, including Pennsylvania, and, with our help, you can make the most of it.

to bypass in-person notarization by finding an online notary in Williamsport, PA!

The Benefits of Remote Online Notarization

Notaries public perform remote online notarization (RON) by using digital stamps, digital signatures, and government-approved audiovisual communication technologies. For many people—especially those that are not tech-savvy—RON can seem too complicated at first, but it actually requires less time and effort than the traditional notarization method.

In the table below, you can find some of the benefits of remote online notarization:



SpeedUnlike standard notarization that can take several days, sometimes even weeks, getting documents notarized using RON is done within minutes
AvailabilityMost online notaries public offer their notary services 24/7, regardless of the day of the week or holidays
SafetyRON allows you to avoid physical contact that standard, mobile, and electronic notarization methods entail, which is vital during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can forget about traffic and public transportation since you don’t have to go to the notary’s office
FlexibilityOnline notarization enables you to schedule a virtual appointment with a notary regardless of their location and working hours. The best part is—you can do that from your laptop or smartphone
EcofriendlinessMost states allow remote online notarization of documents in both tangible and electronic form, thus reducing paper waste

Use DoNotPay To Schedule an Appointment With a Notary in Three Steps!

There is no easier way to schedule an appointment with an online notary than DoNotPay! With our Notarize Any Document service, you can set up a virtual meeting in three steps— and follow these instructions:

  1. Choose the Notarize Any Document product
  2. Upload the document that you need to get notarized
  3. Enter your email address

You will receive a link that you should follow to confirm the details of your appointment with an online notary.

Why Choose DoNotPay Over Other Online Notary Platforms?

Besides the time-saving and easy-to-use service, DoNotPay offers help in resolving other paperwork-related issues. Once you sign up for DoNotPay, you can get access to our other exceptional products, such as the tool, which enables you to create your own documents, such as:

  • Child Care Authorization Form
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Parenting Plan (Child Custody Agreement)
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Intent To Purchase Real Estate
  • Bill of Sale
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Estoppel Certificate
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • General Business Contract
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • General Affidavit
  • Promissory Note

What To Expect From a Notary in Williamsport, PA

The Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA) authorizes notaries public in Pennsylvania to perform the following notarial acts:

  • Taking acknowledgments
  • Witnessing signatures
  • Certifying copies or depositions
  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Protesting notes of negotiable instruments
  • Taking verifications on oaths or affirmations (including affidavits)

Regardless of the method, during notarization, the notary will:

  1. Confirm your identity by checking your ID (or another government-issued identification document) or by consulting a credible witness
  2. Ensure you are not under coercion
  3. Determine whether you are sane and sober
  4. Witness the signing of the document
  5. Create a notarial certificate, which includes:
    • Date of the notarization
    • Place of the notarization
    • Name of the signer
    • Notary’s stamp
    • Notary’s signature

Different Ways of Finding a Notary in Williamsport, PA

If you opt for in-person notarization, you can find a notary:

  • Online
  • In public places

How To Find a Notary Online

Besides checking out the first-page results on Google, you can try your luck on some of the more notary-specific websites, such as:

Which Public Places in Williamsport, PA, Offer Notary Services?

Finding a notary this way requires more time and labor. We recommend starting with the following places:

What Are the Fees for Notarial Acts in Pennsylvania?

Notary fees in Pennsylvania are set by the Department of State. These fees are definitive, meaning that no notary public can charge more than the state-defined maximum for a notarial act, which you can see in the following table:

Notarial Act

  • Taking acknowledgments
  • Administering oaths and affirmations—per individual taking of an oath or affirmation
  • Taking verification on oath and affirmation—regardless of the number of signatures
  • Witnessing or attesting a signature—per signature
  • Certifying or attesting a copy or deposition—per certified copy
  • Noting a protest of a negotiable instrument—per page
  • Taking acknowledgment—each additional name

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