The Easiest Way To Get Ahold of a Notary Public in NH

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Find a Notary Public in NH, and Get Your Documents Notarized in Five Minutes!

Document notarization is necessary for many situations, but it can be stressful and time-consuming to get it done in person. We’re here to show you an easier method that will allow you to schedule a meeting with an online notary public in NH and be done with it in five minutes.

, and learn how to get a document notarized and get a notary signature within minutes. We will direct you to an online notary who offers remote notary services no matter the state you live in.

Notarization in New Hampshire Explained

Notarization sounds complicated, and it often is, so getting informed about the basics in your state can’t do any harm.

The main job of a notary public is to prevent forgery and fraud. A notary public is appointed by the government after fulfilling all the requirements of their application:

  • New Hampshire notaries public must be NH residents
  • They have to be 18 or older
  • They have to sign a statement under oath that they were never convicted
  • A registered voter of NH and two notaries public have to endorse the application for appointment
  • The applicant has to complete a criminal record release authorization form

After becoming a notary public, a person can provide notarial services, which are mainly:

  1. Confirming signers’ identities
  2. Witnessing the signing of documents
  3. Administering oaths or affirmations
  4. Making attested document copies

How To Find Notary Services in New Hampshire

Using the services of an in-person notary is still the only method of notarization most people are aware of, but it is outdated, complicated, and time-consuming. First, you need to find a notary public, gather all the documents in paper form, and then visit them in person. Scouring these websites may help you locate a notary in NH:

Remember that you can also get notary services in various public and business institutions, such as:

Online Notarization in New Hampshire

Remote online notarization in New Hampshire was legalized on March 23, 2020, by Emergency Order #11, signed by Governor Sununu. Documents signed before this date cannot be notarized remotely.

The only requirement for remote notarization is the existence of a stable internet connection with video and audio transmission between the notary and the user of their services. It is also recommended that the notary public records the procedure and saves it as proof.

After the signing, the signer should send the document to the notary, who then adds their signature and seal.

Electronic Notarization in New Hampshire

An electronic notary process is not to be mistaken for remote notarization. “Electronic” refers to the form of the document, and electronic notaries provide services in the physical presence of the client, not remotely. The notary signs the document in digital form, e.g., a PDF or Word document.

Mobile Notarization in New Hampshire

A mobile notary is the next best thing if you can’t use a remote online notary service. Mobile notaries are authorized to travel and notarize documents at any location, e.g., at your house or office. They charge differently than in-person notaries because they are free to add their mileage fee to the total.

Acquiring the services of a mobile notary public during COVID is not the best idea due to the health risks, so take the necessary precautions if you opt for this method of notarization.

How Much Does Document Notarization Cost in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire notarization fees are on the higher end compared to some other states. The notary signature on the most common documents, such as acknowledgments and jurats, will cost you $10 in NH.

For comparison, New York notaries can charge only $2 for the same service. If you count in additional costs of notarization, like extra signatures or the travel fees of a mobile notary, expect to pay $50 or so per notarization.

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