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Avoid Going to a Notary Public in Fort Myers—Choose Online Notarization

When you need to get a document notarized, one of the first ideas is to visit a notary’s office. While in-person notarization is a possibility, we offer a much simpler solution!

to schedule an appointment with an online notary public in Fort Myers and avoid the hassle of going to their office.

When Do You Need a Notary Public in Fort Myers?

A notary is a government-appointed official who is in charge of authenticating the signatures on personal documents. Notary’s responsibilities include:

  • Verifying the identity of the signer
  • Determining the signer’s willingness to sign the document
  • Checking the signer’s state of awareness

Florida notaries are authorized to perform various notarial acts and other services, such as:

  • Administering oaths or affirmations
  • Taking acknowledgments
  • Completing jurats
  • Solemnizing marriages
  • Attesting to photocopies
  • Certifying safe-deposit box contents
  • Verifying Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs)

Documents that typically require notarization are those involving sensitive subjects or large transactions, such as wills, trusts, deeds, affidavits, sale transfers, or . Even if a document doesn’t have to be notarized, you can do it to increase its weight. Many people choose to get their contracts notarized to provide an extra level of security.

How To Choose the Right Notary Service

Choosing a notary service depends on your needs and the type of document. Having that in mind, we prepared a table that contains a brief description of notary services in Florida:

Type of NotaryWhat Does It Involve?

Standard notary

  • Finding a notary and scheduling a meeting by yourself
  • Heading down to the notary’s office
  • Being personally and physically present during the signing
Mobile notary
  • Getting documents notarized at the chosen location, which can be:
    • Your office
    • A coffee shop
    • Jail
    • Hospital
    • Your home
  • Paying a larger fee because of the notary’s travel expenses
Electronic notary
  • Having digital documents notarized by a registered notary public
  • Using an electronic signature while being physically present in the notary’s office
  • Getting a digital notarial certificate that includes the notary’s digital stamp and electronic signature
Online notary
  • Scheduling an appointment through an online notary app, such as DoNotPay
  • Signing the documents and having them notarized via an audio-video platform
  • Completing the entire process within minutes

What Should I Expect From Traditional Notarization in Fort Myers?

To get documents notarized in Fort Myers the standard way, you have to:

  1. Find a notary:
  2. Set up a meeting
  3. Bring all the required documentation, including your ID (or other acceptable government-issued proof of identity)
  4. Get to the notary’s office on time
  5. Sign the document before the notary
  6. Pay the notary fees
  7. Wait for the notary to do their job and create the notarial certificate, which includes:
    • Your name
    • Date and place of the notarial act
    • Other information about the notarial act
    • Notary’s seal
    • Notary’s signature

The problem with in-person notarization is that it is unnecessarily complicated. Another problem is that it doesn’t keep up with the requirements of our busy lifestyles and doesn’t make use of new technologies. To avoid these and other obstacles, we recommend choosing remote online notarization instead.

Have DoNotPay Book a Virtual Appointment With a Notary for You

Opting for the right notary service can reduce your troubles by a lot, but finding a reliable online notary platform is even more important. We created the Notarize Any Document product to help our customers manage all the notary-related issues effortlessly and in no time!

Our wallet-friendly feature can connect you to the best online notaries across the U.S. The best part is—DoNotPay’s online notary partners offer their service 24/7, including holidays!

To make a virtual appointment, follow these instructions:

  1. Find the Notarize Any Document tool
  2. Insert the document that you need to get notarized
  3. Provide your email address

Once you receive our email, you should click on the link to confirm your virtual appointment with the notary.

Relying on DoNotPay has even more benefits! We integrated the Notarize Any Document feature with our other paperwork-related products—Online Fax and —enabling our users to:

  • Draft various contracts and documents
  • Fax them to their notaries, business partners, or other signing parties

How Much Is a Notary Public in Fort Myers Allowed To Charge?

The State of Florida established fee limits that notaries in Fort Myers and other cities in the Sunshine State have to comply with.

You can find the maximum notary fees in Florida in the following table:

Notary Act or ServiceMaximum Notary Fee
Taking an acknowledgment$10
Administering an oath or affirmation$10
Completing a jurat$10
Protesting a note$10
Certifying a photocopy$10
Solemnizing a wedding$30
Verifying a VIN$20
Performing online notarization$25

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