What to Do When Your Likee Account Is Banned

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Is Your Likee Account Banned? Here’s the Solution!

Is your , and you want to appeal? You can, if you take the right steps, and have a better understanding of Likee’s demeanor towards the violation of its rules and guidelines.

After all, Likee markets itself as a kinder, gentler alternative to its competitors YouTube and TikTok. Likee claims to be a friendly platform, inviting creatives and having user-centric support. This can be put to the test when you are appealing your banned Likee account.

How Did Your Likee Account Get Banned

If you've had your Likee account suspended, it's probably because Likee interpreted your content as violating their policies. Here are examples of content that is prohibited on the platform:

  1. Violence or criminal behavior
  2. Dangerous people and organizations (Yes, this is word-for-word).
  3. Child abuse
  4. Minors participating in unlawful behavior
  • E.g., underage drinking and tobacco use and anything not laid out in #1
  1. Illegal activities or restricted items, including
  • or illegal firearms and accessories
  • Manufacturing of weapons
  • Gambling and marijuana use, regardless of whether it's in the state where the content was made
  1. Suicide, self-harm, and dangerous/reckless behavior
  2. Bullying and harassment
  3. Abusive behavior
  4. Safety of minors
  • Includes anything abuse- or safety-related not already included in any other section
  1. Privacy violations
  2. Hate speech
  3. Cruelty and insensitivity
  4. Nudity and sexuality

There is a final section that encourages users to use their real names, avoid "spamming" the platform with solicitations for followers, and to honor intellectual property created by others.

  • If you've read the Likee Community Guidelines, you might agree that there's a lot of room for interpretation, and in any case, they're quite a bit more strict than the competition.
  • If you haven't read the guidelines, you might have innocently assumed they were more in line with other social media platforms.

In short, it's easy to get banned from Likee, no matter your intentions.

How to Get Your Likee Account Unbanned

We'll be blunt: It's not easy to get in touch with Likee, much less with someone who can make decisions about banned or suspended Likee accounts. You can write a brief letter to Likee with professional, impartial-sounding language. You might be upset or even angry, but you don't want to come across as such.

In your letter, you should apologize for breaking their community guidelines and request that Likee reconsider your case. If you're emailing your appeal, we suggest writing "Account ban appeal" in the subject header. If you're mailing the request, you should include it in the address at the bottom center of the envelope.

Below are Likee’s contact details:

Mailing AddressLikeme Pte. Ltd.

30 Pasir Panjang Road #15-31A

Mapletree Business City, Singapore 117440

Email Addressfeedback@likee.video

What if you don't know what you did wrong?

There's a good chance you were banned, but have no idea why. This is when it can get tricky as you most likely want to apologize, but it's hard to do so without identifying the problem.

Likee wants reassurance that you won't do whatever you did again. Here, you can either be vague about your apology or respectfully ask them to explain why you were banned so you can make sure not to repeat the offense.

Get Your Likee Account Back With DoNotPay!

Wouldn't it be great if you had a lawyer on your side to appeal your case and handle the tedious letter writing? The next best thing is DoNotPay!

We'll help you cut through the red tape at Likee headquarters and get the best chance at an account reinstatement.

Here's how easy it is:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.

  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.

  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

DoNotPay will write an appeal letter on your behalf in just a few minutes and send it directly to the company. We'll give Likee a two-week deadline by which they should get back to you with their answer.

It's important to note that if Likee is firm in their decision, there isn't anything more you (or we) can do, but we can give you the best shot at getting them to reconsider the suspension or initial ban.

Appeal Your Banned or Suspended Accounts on Any Platform Using DoNotPay

We can reach out to any service from which you've been banned and appeal their initial decisions with greater convenience and better chances of getting unbanned than if you were to go it alone. Here are some platforms that we can help you send a compelling appeal to:

Amazon Google Uber
Tinder Pinterest Omegle
Twitter Facebook TikTok
PlayStation Reddit YouTube
Steam Xbox Instagram

How Else Can DoNotPay Help

As your personal AI Consumer Champions, DoNotPay does far more than appeal account bans and suspensions. We'll assist you with hundreds of consumer advocacy challenges, from recovering account passwords and deleting online accounts to helping you book your dream vacation.

Here are some tasks that you can hand-off to DoNotPay:

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