Best Tips on LG Mini Split Warranty

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LG Mini Split Warranty Hacks

LG is a well-known electronics company from South Korea. It offers a wide range of gadgets and home appliances. If you own an LG mini-split air conditioning unit, it may be hard to find info about its warranty on the LG website. It’s currently not available in the U.S., but it is in Canada. We’ll go through all LG aircon warranties and help you file a warranty claim. Whether you have a mini-split or any other type of air conditioning from LG, DoNotPay is the way to go!

What Does LG Air Conditioning Warranty Cover?

Before filing a warranty claim, you can perform an LG warranty check. For detailed info, you should check your product packaging.

Here’s what LG aircon warranties cover:

  • Labor—one year
  • Parts—one year

Since LG warranties are essentially manufacturer warranties, you can expect them to cover defects in material, design, and workmanship under regular use.

How To File an LG AirCon Warranty Claim

You can submit a warranty claim with LG in various ways. DoNotPay’s way will file your warranty claim in a few clicks, but you can also check out your other options:

Can You Claim Your Warranty ViaYes/No
Online RequestYes
In PersonNo

How To Initiate an LG Warranty Claim via Phone

You can call LG to file a warranty claim any day of the week from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. CST by dialing 800-243-0000. Once you explain your AC issue, a customer service rep will explain what to do next.

How To Initiate an LG Warranty Claim via Email

To send an email to LG regarding your AC warranty claim, visit the Email page. Complete the form and submit it.

How To Initiate an LG Warranty Claim via an Online Request

If you want to submit an online request, go to LG’s Repair Service page. You can sign in or continue as a guest. Follow the prompts and send your request.

How To Initiate an LG Warranty Claim With a Chatbot

LG allows you to speak with a chatbot and file a warranty claim. Describe your AC problem to the chatbot and ask for further instructions.

Use DoNotPay To Submit an LG Air Conditioner Warranty Claim

One of the tasks DoNotPay excels at is filing warranty claims. Whether you need help with your car, home, or extended warranties for used cars, we know how to get things done! All you need to do is click a few times and let us handle the rest.

Here’s how to file your AC warranty claim with LG the easy way:

  1. Open DoNotPay in any
  2. Navigate to the Claim Warranty feature
  3. Choose the Warranty on a Purchased Item option
  4. Type in LG and answer a few questions about your product
  5. Click on Submit

LG will receive a warranty claim from DoNotPay. You can expect the company to contact you soon and inform you about the status of your warranty claim.

Did LG Reject Your Warranty Claim? DoNotPay Will Help You Appeal It!

LG may not accept your warranty claim right off the bat. What you can do is use DoNotPay to appeal this decision!

Check out how to do it:

  1. Access DoNotPay from a
  2. Select Claim Warranty
  3. Click on Appeal a Denied Warranty Claim
  4. Answer a few questions about your claim and product
  5. Tap on Submit

DoNotPay will prepare a thorough appeal letter relying on the U.S. warranty laws, as well as consumer rights. We will submit your appeal with LG as soon as possible.

DoNotPay is a handy helper in other warranty predicaments, too! If a dealer refuses to cancel your extended warranty, we’ll help you get rid of it! In case you’re still browsing home warranties in the U.S., we’ll provide you with trustworthy home warranty reviews.

DoNotPay Is Your Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

DoNotPay is an expert in dealing with all kinds of warranty claims, but you can also count on us to assist you with other chores or inconveniences. With your AC malfunctioning, you may need extra help with covering bills. We know how to extend the deadlines or keep figures low on your water, electric, and heating bills.

Visit DoNotPay in your and let us help you in other areas as well! Use DoNotPay the next time you want to:

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