How to Unsuspend Your Account on Animal Jam And Get Back To Playing

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Did You Get Unfairly Banned on Animal Jam? Here Is How to Appeal It!

Animal Jam is a kids' online game recommended for children above the age of 9. The game lets the kids play as their favorite animal. Like all other games, Animal Jam has rules that players are expected to follow. If the player violates any of the rules, the consequences can range from a few days' to a complete ban.

Being banned from Animal Jam means you could permanently lose your account. Appealing your banned account is not an easy process. However, this process can be made easier with DoNotPay. While DoNotPay will not guarantee that your account will be unbanned, we will draft a demand letter on your account.

If you feel you have been unfairly banned, read on to find out how DoNotPay can show you .

What Is Animal Jam?

Animal Jam is a children's game in which the players get to play their favorite animal characters. All the animals live together in the virtual world of Jamaa, looking to play lots of games and make new friends. Players are free to customize their animals how they see fit. Everything is possible in Jamaa!

Why Your Animal Jam Account Could Get Suspended

The following are some of the reasons you may have :

1. Using Profanity

As mentioned, Animal Jam is a kids' platform. Kids are usually quick to pick up new languages, both good and bad. Using inappropriate languages like swearing and cursing could get you suspended on the platform.

2. Parental Consent

To play in Animal Jam or download the app, the player must be at least 18 years of age. Verified parental consent is required for children below the age of 13. Simply put, getting parental consent is a must when playing in Animal Jam. Your account will be suspended if found playing without verified parental consent.

3. Misconduct

If other players report to AJHQ that you made them uncomfortable or broke any set rules, you could risk being suspended on the platform.

4. Cheating

Do not use any hacking software or cheat codes to beat other players in the game. These strategies do not work, but they also put you and other players at risk of having criminals steal personal information.

What to Do If You Get Banned from Animal Jam

If you get banned from playing in Animal Jam and feel that the ban was unfair, you need to contact AJHQ through the game's Help Desk. Note that you will need parental assistance to submit a ticket if you are underage.

How to Not Get Banned from Animal Jam

The following are some tips that will help you avoid being banned on Animal Jam:

1. Watch your words

Inappropriate language is one of the most common reasons for getting suspended on the platform. Also, note that spelling something that closely resembles an inappropriate word, such as saying "You beach" could get you banned.

2. Avoid mating at all costs

Do not mate during the game or use mating terms because you will be exposing young children to mature content, thus corrupting their innocent minds.

3. Play a fair game

Do not scam or use third parties to help you stay ahead of the game.

Can You Get a Refund if Your Account Was Banned?

It is worth noting that members who have had their accounts banned for violating Animal Jam's rules are not eligible to get a refund. That said, refunds can be granted in the following circumstances

  • Recurring transactions. If you accidentally get charged for the membership fee renewal after canceling the automatic renewal option, Animal Jam will automatically refund your full amount.
  • Duplicate orders. If you have accidentally placed a duplicate order, please get in touch with customer support as soon as possible. You will get a refund of the duplicate charge within 45 days from your purchase date.

Get Your Animal Jam Account Back with DoNotPay!

We understand that life gets busy, and sometimes you may not give the time or knowledge to write an appeal letter to recover your Animal Jam account. However, you need not worry because DoNotPay is your best solution. While we may not guarantee you will have your account restored, we will put pressure on Animal Jam HQ to solve your appeal in the least time possible.

All you have to do is

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.

  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.

  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

DoNotPay will generate a customized appeal letter in less than five minutes and send it directly to the company. It will contain a two-week deadline for the company to respond.

There's also a super similar product for gaming accounts—UNBAN GAMING ACCOUNT. The steps are almost the same—you first provide the name of the company/platform and later the name of the game as well. The product (sending a demand letter and appealing the ban/suspension) is the same.

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