TikTok Banned For No Reason? Here's How to Get It Back!

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TikTok Banned For No Reason? Here's How to Get It Back!

The video-based social media platform TikTok allows users to share video clips quickly and easily. Unless you have a banned TikTok account that you can’t get back into. It is possible to appeal a but the process can be tedious and writing a letter of appeal is not exactly easy.

There are a couple of ways to try to get your account back but you have to make sure you’re doing it the right way or risk completely losing your TikTok.

Keep reading to find out how to get an account unbanned on TikTok. If doing it yourself seems too much hassle, you can also take advantage of DoNotPay’s Appeal Banned Accounts product. Using this feature, you have better chances of appealing any banned account or accessing an indefinitely suspended account.

Reasons Your TikTok Account Can Be Banned

If your TikTok account is banned, then you will know when you sign on to the platform because of the banner on the screen. An account is banned when it repeatedly violates the Community Guidelines found in the platform's question and answer section. There is no specific number of violations that an account can have before the account is banned.

TikTok Community Guidelines

As is with other platforms, TikTok uses an algorithm that automatically detects prohibited content. If anything goes past this filter, TikTok’s Safety Team will take care of it and flag the content or concerned user as well.

These are the community guidelines that all members must follow:

  • Safety, authenticity, diversity and inclusion are priorities.
  • Content must be original and authentic.
  • No fake engagement, misleading, or impersonating another person.
  • No illegal activity, including gambling, guns, and drugs.
  • Abuse, harm, or endangerment of minors is prohibited.
  • No dangerous acts or challenges.
  • No trademark or copyright infringement.
  • No violent or graphic content or content that incites violence.
  • Zero tolerance policy on discrimination, hate speech, or racial slurs.
  • Nudity and sexual content are prohibited.
  • Bullying, shaming, intimidating, or insulting content.
  • Encouraging or normalizing suicide, eating disorders, or self-harm is prohibited.

Steps to Take to Appeal a Banned TikTok Account

Any system can commit an error when filtering content as well as suspending an account. If you think your TikTok account has been banned unfairly, you can by following these steps.

  1. When you log into your account there will be a banner at the top of your page.
  2. Click on the banner and on the next screen you will be given the option to appeal your account ban.
  3. You will click the link to appeal and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the appeal process.

Unfairly Banned TikTok Account

There is so much content uploaded on TikTok that it is nearly impossible for a person to check every piece before it is available on the platform. That is why the platform utilizes a combination of technology and human moderation. This allows all content to be scanned before it is available to the community. The technology used is good but it is not fool-proof and that is why human moderation is used as well.

Shadowbanned TikTok Accounts

TikTok also uses a practice called shadowbanning. The platform does not notify you if you are shadowbanned, but you will find there is not a follower count on your content. A shadowbanned account will stop receiving views, likes, and followers.

Reasons an Account Can Be Shadowbanned

Users who post excessively, violate the Community Guidelines, or the Terms of Service are at risk of being shadowbanned. Other reasons include using bots, copyright infringement, and posting prohibited content. A shadowbanned account will usually be unbanned after a period of time ranging from 24 hours up to two weeks. Some accounts will be shadowbanned indefinitely.

Removing TikTok Account Shadowban

Suggestions for removing an account shadowban include clearing the cache in the app and uninstalling, then reinstalling. If this is not successful, you can try to contact Customer Service via email or you can wait it out.

Use DoNotPay to Get Your TikTok Account Back

If you have followed the steps to file an appeal but you have not received an answer, there is no way to follow up on the issue. Waiting is discouraging and when you have no idea how long your wait will be, it can make the whole situation seem hopeless. You will not be stuck waiting indefinitely if you use the products by DoNotPay.

All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.
  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.
  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

Within five minutes, a tailor-made appeal letter will be generated and sent to the platform we are appealing to. The letter will also indicate a two-week deadline to apply some pressure for them to send a response.

Avoid Getting Banned From TikTok

The best way to avoid getting your is by finding and following the community guidelines posted in the platform's question and answer section. The platform encourages inclusion and a supportive creative environment, so you should avoid creating insulting, discriminating, or discouraging content. Another big focus of the community is protecting minors from exploitation. This is why the platform restricts direct messaging for users under 16.

DoNotPay Can Help With Your Banned or Suspended Accounts on Any Platform

The Appeal Banned Accounts product will allow you to appeal a suspended or banned account on social media, online games, and any other platform. The product does not guarantee that the account will be recovered but it does ensure that your appeal request will be answered within two weeks of receiving the demand letter. If you have not received an answer in that time period, you will have grounds for taking action.

These are just some of the accounts that DoNotPay can help you appeal:

Twitter account bannedBanned in TikTokUber account suspended
Playstation account suspendedAmazon account suspendedTinder account banned
Steam account bannedSuspended on RedditBanned account Omegle
Banned on FacebookSuspended YouTube accountGoogle account suspended
Recover Banned InstagramBanned account Xbox OneSuspended Pinterest account

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