How to Recover a Getaround Account After Being Suspended

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Getaround Account Suspended? Get Your Account Back In 3 Steps!

Getaround is the largest online peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace that allows car owners to rent out their cars to drivers. This platform connects drivers and car owners who can share their vehicles at a price and makes it easy to book and share cars. Therefore, there is nothing as upsetting as getting your .

The first thing that runs through your mind when you realize that your account was suspended is what was the reason behind the suspension. And whether you can appeal the suspension and get unbanned? At DoNotPay, we are here to answer all your questions. Read on to learn more about some of the possible reasons behind your Getaround account suspension and what you can do about it. You'll also know how DoNotPay's demand letter can help you .

What Are the Reasons for Getting Banned on Getaround?

Getaround clearly states that they have the right to ban your account at any time or if their team feels like it is the right thing to do. There are many reasons why your Getaround will get suspended, but in most cases, it happens if you violate their terms of service.

Whether you own a Getaround driver's or owner's account, the following reasons will have your account suspended:

1. Pending bills

If you have not paid your debt, your account will be restricted until you settle the bill.

2. Have Multiple Accounts

Getaround users are only allowed to have a single account. If you have created multiple accounts, all of your accounts will be suspended.

3. Trust and Safety Reasons

To enhance trust and safety, Getaround scans all its users for potential security threats. Your if it poses a security threat on the platform. In addition to that, there are other specific reasons why a driver or an owner can get their Getaround account suspended.

Why Was My Getaround Driver Account Suspended?

For drivers, their Getaround accounts can get banned if they do not meet the requirements for drivers. These include:

  • Your license or ID has expired
  • You do not meet the driving experience requirement of at least two years
  • Category B is missing from your license
  • You fail to meet the requirements for drivers in your country
  • You are using a license that is excessively deteriorated

Your Getaround driver's account will also get suspended if you engage in irresponsible or disrespectful behavior like:

  • You return the car excessively late
  • You insult or threaten other users or Getaround employees
  • You accepted multiple tickets during a single rental
  • You fail to clean the car after using it
  • You let another person drive the car when you have not registered them as secondary drivers

Why Was My Getaround Owner’s Account Suspended?

If you are a car owner, your Getaround account can be suspended because of the following reasons:

  • You give a driver a different car from what they booked
  • You have vehicles that are in dangerously bad condition
  • You provide fake documents or misleading information about a car on your listing
  • You ask the drivers to pay for their rental outside the platform
  • You fail to do rental agreements
  • You cancel too many rentals
  • Issuing threats or insults to another user or a Getaround employee.

If a car owner fails to meet the requirements for drivers, their account will be suspended from renting vehicles as a driver. However, they will still be allowed to use Getaround as owners.

What to Do If You Get Banned from Getaround

Getting your can be a devastating experience, especially if you would like to continue using the platform. To make it worse, once you get your account suspended, any new account that you create will also be banned.

Luckily, you can try appealing the suspension and get your account unbanned. After your Getaround account gets suspended, you'll receive an email that will show you what you can do to get the ban lifted. You can follow the steps given, and the restrictions will be lifted.

However, that does not guarantee that your Getaround account will get unbanned. Regardless, you can try to get back your Getaround account by contacting Getaround support. There are various ways you can contact Getaround customer service. They include:

1. Through Email

You can reply to the email you received when your account was suspended or send an email appealing your banned account to their customer service email. You can also reach Getaround through their contact us page and appeal for your account to be restored.

2. By Phone

You can also call Getaround customer service at 866-438-2768 and request to have your account back.

3. Through Their Help Center

You can also reach Getaround customer service through their Help Center page. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the Help Center page
  • Click on submit a request
  • Follow the instructions and fill out the ticket form as required.

4. Through the Getaround App

If you have your Getaround app installed, you can reach customer service by visiting the Help center on the app. You can do this by:

  • Open your Getaround app
  • Tapping on the three horizontal lines on the top left side of the app
  • Tap on Help? And submit your request

5. By Paying Your Debt

If your account was suspended because of unpaid debts, you'd have to pay the debt first. You can pay your debt by:

  1. Log into your Getaround account
  2. Go to your account
  3. Navigate to Your Payments
  4. Click on the link to pay by card

After paying your debt, you'll have to wait for 2-3 days before contacting Getaround support requesting them to lift the restrictions, which is a pretty long and tedious process.

Generally, getting Getaround to lift the limitations on your account is a complex and frustrating process. Even after you try reaching them, your complaints could go unanswered, leaving you helpless and more stressed. Imagine waiting days, and no responsibility for your appeal comes? Luckily, DoNotPay is here to help you ensure that Getaround hears your complaints by writing a demand letter on your behalf.

Get Your Getaround Account Back With DoNotPay!

Getting your Getaround account suspended will stress you out. However, DoNotPay is here to ensure that your attempts to get your account back are not ignored. Using our straightforward process, we will put pressure on Getaround through demand letters, which can make them take your complaints seriously and prioritize your issue.

All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.

  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.

  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

DoNotPay will generate a customized appeal letter in less than five minutes and send it directly to the company. It will contain a two-week deadline for the company to respond.

How to Not Get Banned From Getaround

You can try your level best to ensure that you do not get your Getaround account suspended. This can be achieved by:

  • Paying your Getaround bills on time.
  • Adhering to Getaround's terms of service.
  • Provide accurate information.
  • Delete or avoid creating any duplicate accounts.
  • Ensure that you do not have any driving violations.
  • Ensure that your vehicles are well-maintained.
  • You should also ensure that you meet all of the Getaround eligibility requirements.

DoNotPay Can Help You Appeal Banned or Suspended Accounts on Any Platform

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