Discover Why Your G Suite Account Has Been Suspended and How To Recover It

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What Are Your Options if Your G Suite Account Has Been Suspended?

Having your Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, account suspended can be a costly downtime for your business, especially if you can’t access your business emails and other features. No matter the cause of the suspension, you need to restore the account to get things running as fast as possible.

This guide will explain the options available to you if your G Suite account has been suspended.

You can also learn more about account suspensions in general, find out if you can appeal your suspension, and discover the easiest way to handle suspensions and bans .

Reasons for G Suite Account Suspensions

Google can suspend:

  • An organization’s Google account
  • User accounts associated with a company’s G Suite

If your organization’s G Suite account has been suspended, you will get an alert when logging in to your Google Admin Console. Some of the reasons for G Suite account suspension include:

  • Failed automatic monthly payments
  • Expired trial period
  • Canceled annual plan contracts
  • Expired Google-registered domain

How To Restore a Suspended G Suite Account

Restoring a suspended G Suite account depends on the reason why it was suspended. For your suspension to be lifted, you need to fix the issue explained in your suspension alert message.

Failed Automatic Monthly Payments

Google may suspend your G Suite account if they can’t charge your primary payment method. Some of the reasons for failed monthly payments are an expired card, a low balance in your bank account, and unverified or invalid payment methods.

To fix your billing issues, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Google Admin Console
  2. Navigate to Billing, then go to Payment Accounts
  3. Click on View Payment Methods
  4. Confirm that you have set a valid primary payment method
  5. Click on Fix or consult your card issuer—if there’s an issue with your primary payment method
  6. Select one of your payment methods as primary (if you haven’t already)
  7. Tap on Add Payment Method if you need to add a new card

Expired Trial Period

Google begins to charge your provided payment method once your trial period expires and may suspend your account if they can’t. If you didn’t set up your billing information earlier, here’s how you should do it to continue with automatic payments:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin Console
  2. Navigate to Billing, then go to Manage Subscriptions
  3. Click on Start Paid Service or Set Up Billing
  4. Proceed according to further instructions

Canceled Annual Plan Contracts

If you opt not to renew your annual contract, the services will be discontinued when the contract term expires. To unsuspend your yearly contract, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to your Google Admin Console
  2. Click on Fix This (if you get an error message)
  3. Go to Billing, then click on Subscriptions
  4. Tap on Your Subscriptions
  5. Click Change under Renewal Options
  6. Choose Auto-Renew My Contracts and Save

Expired Google Registered Domain

If you purchased your domain through Google, you might lose access to your G Suite features if you fail to renew the domain before its expiration date or if you haven’t set automatic domain renewal.

You should renew your domain immediately to ensure it’s still available. Follow these steps to restore your Google domain:

  1. Log in to your Google Admin Console
  2. Navigate to Billing and Manage Subscriptions
  3. Tap on Domain Registration Subscription
  4. Click Change and choose Auto-Renew under renewal options
  5. Go to the account ID for your subscription
  6. Confirm that your primary payment method is valid

How To Reactivate a Suspended Gmail Account

Google may also suspend Gmail accounts for different users associated with a company’s G Suite for various reasons, such as:

  • Underage users
  • Unverified log-in activities
  • Excessive use
  • Breaches of the Google Workspace terms of service
  • Compromised account status

The organization’s admins can also temporarily suspend a user account. Although the user can utilize other products, like Google Drive, they can’t use email tools to send or receive messages.

The company’s administrator can restore the user’s account using these steps:

  1. Go to the Users icon
  2. Locate the user on the list
  3. Go to the suspended user’s profile page
  4. Tap Reactivate and verify

It can take up to 15 minutes for the suspension to be lifted. If the suspension notification mentioned that the account’s security is undermined, the admin needs to use the administrator security checklist before any attempts to recover the account.

Note that if the account was suspended due to a breach of Google’s policies, the admin cannot restore or delete it in the organization’s G Suite. In the case of underage users, they must submit proof of age within 30 days of the suspension.

If Your G Suite Account Has Been Suspended—Use DoNotPay

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If the company has responded to your initial appeal, their decision is final—sending another request will be in vain.

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