What if Your Facebook Ads Account Gets Banned?

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What to Do if Your Facebook Ads Account Gets Banned

account is worse than a rejected ad, since you may never recover it. Facebook will ban your ads account if you have accumulated a pile of denied ads in your account, or if your ads are receiving so many complaints and more adverse reactions than average.

Your suspended Facebook Ads account means that your ads will be disapproved no matter how good they are. Facebook will tell you why your account has been banned through the reason, in most cases, is vague and not helpful.

If you know you have not been breaking Facebook Ads rules and your account is blocked, you should appeal to customer care to have your account restored. Your request might be ignored, meaning your ads account you've built for years will become useless. The good news is that DoNotPay understands everything and can help you push your appeal for your account suspension or ban by writing a demand letter to the company.

Know the Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Account Is Banned

accounts without even giving a prior warning. There are various stories where a digital marketer wakes up only to find their Facebook Ads account locked, impacting sales.

Usually, Facebook Ads will not for no reason. Let us look at some of the common reasons why your account might be banned:

  • Violating community guidelines and Ads Policies
  • Bad Customer experience
  • Questionable Advertiser Profiles

Violating Community Guidelines and Ads Policies

Like any other social media platform, Facebook has many rules and regulations. Facebook does not approve of any counterfeit product or even fake official documents. Additionally, it does not allow Ads for pharmaceuticals, sex toys, and other weapons like guns.

Any questionable product aimed at taking advantage of the platform users is not allowed. Such content includes multi level marketing schemes, cryptocurrencies, and payday loans.

Some topics, such as nudity political posts, among others, might get a leeway, but it is always advisable to shun such ads as they put your account at risk. Only post such topics if they add to your core business. Before posting, make sure to seek permission from the local government and Facebook.

Bad Customer Experience

Customers are crucial to your business and determine whether your business will grow or not. Though you cannot please everyone, when your target customers get annoyed or angry by your ads, it raises a red flag in your advertiser account profile. Having a good customer experience is the key to an outstanding campaign, but if you fail to meet the platform standards, Facebook will not hesitate to flag it down.

A lousy company experience comes from a disconnection between the brand's products you are selling and the customers— the disconnection results when you ignore your customers' issues raised on your ads. Your landing page can also be another source of poor customer experience and happens outside Facebook. Though it does not affect the trustworthiness of your Facebook account, it might cause your account to be banned.

Questionable Advertiser Profiles

It is a reason that you might overlook, but it might cost your Facebook ad account. When you skip a payment for released ads without verifying your business details, your account becomes questionable. Another red flag is when you access your account from different countries for a very short period.

Learn How to Protect Your Facebook Ads Account From Being Banned

Prevention is better than cure; hence you can follow these few pieces of information to avoid the headache of account banning:

Stick To Facebook Guidelines

Before creating your Facebook Ads account, ensure that you have read all the advisers and community guidelines. Facebook regulations might change due to changing government regulations cultural shifts. These guidelines might change without prior warning, and thus you should stay updated on any new changes.

Before you decide to start a campaign, don't forget to review the country-specific regulations that might put your account under threat. Be aware of the regional age-specific guidelines that can affect your advertising. Advertising products such as alcohol cosmetics procedures need you to consider age restrictions per region.

Create a Great Customer Experience

You should strive to have a cohesive customer experience, implying that all interactions with them should make sense. To achieve cohesion, make sure to post Facebook Ads that are relevant and which relate to your Facebook and landing page. If you direct your users to an external link, make sure it is working and that the landing page relates with the ads brought there. Remember that an enjoyable customer experience will make your audience engaged and subsequently convert.

Create a Trustworthy Advertiser Profile

You can achieve this by verifying your business with Facebook Business Manager. You should avoid using VPNs so that your account shows a consistent location. Your payment method should be kept up to date, and payment should be made on time.

Can You Unsuspend Your Facebook Ads Account by Yourself?

Now that you know what might have happened, you should learn how to reinstate the account in the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account
  2. Jump to Ads manager. A red bar will appear, showing that your account has been disabled. If you don't see the red bar, check whether you have received an email.
  3. Click "contact us"
  4. Submit your filled-out appeal letter to get your account back

The procedure for appealing for your account ban might look straightforward, but the disheartening part is when your request is not attended to. You can avoid all these frustrations by using DoNotPay, which provides a perfect solution to your problem.

You Can Appeal a Banned Facebook Ads Account with DoNotPay

DoNotPay can help you craft a professional demand letter. Here is how it works:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.

  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.

  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

It’s vital to know that DoNotPay cannot make Facebook Ads un-ban your account. But we can help you convince them it’s the right thing to do.

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