What to Do When Your ESO Account Is Suspended

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Appeal Your ESO Account Suspension With DoNotPay

The Elder Scrolls Online is an action role-playing video developed by the Bethesda Game Studio. It's a series that focuses on free-form gameplay in multiple gaming dimensions. It also allows multiple online game experiences.

You need to register an account to play this game. The process requires you to fill in your personal information and agree to their User Agreements. The user's agreements contain a code of conduct that contains all the rules and regulations that account holders should follow.

Agreeing to the code of conduct authorizes ESO to suspend your account once you violate any of its regulations. There's nothing more frustrating than having your account suspended and the thought of starting your gaming progress all over again. DoNotPay can help you appeal for your suspended ESO account with ease. All you have to do is follow the steps below, and we'll create a detailed demand letter to help you .

Factors That Can Lead to the Suspension of Your ESO Account

Several factors can get your ESO account suspended. Knowing them will help you appeal your account with ease or get it unbanned.

Here are some reasons that can cause the suspension of your ESO account:

  • Posting, transmitting, publishing, distributing, and transmitting illegal content
  • Apart from the ESO, a prohibition from illegal behaviors such as physical violence, child solicitation, and stalking on the offline world. This includes game environments, forums, and affiliate websites, such as Bethesda.Net.
  • Creating an account name, avatar, or personal that it's discriminatory, hateful, harmful, or a sexual graphic in nature.
  • Using an avatar, persona, or name that promotes self-harm, glorifies suicide, or belittles mental or physical disability.
  • Expressing affiliation or sympathy to a hate group. You should also do away with any affiliation that ZeniMax considers being offensive.
  • Creating any name, chat, or text that negatively references a "protected category" under your local laws. This includes texts, chats, and names, including the race, disability status, sexual orientation, national origin, or gender of a specific person.
  • Creating a defamatory account name, impersonating, and breaching the privacy of another account holder, entity or person, or a ZeniMax employee.
  • Threatening, intentionally humiliating, stream piping, or shaming another account holder, Zenimax staff member, or anyone else using the Zenimax service.
  • Attacking the disability, sexual orientation, race, color, lifestyle, religion, or gender of any other person identified as a protected category under applicable law.
  • Naming or shaming other users. Name shaming refers to creating a discussion to call an individual or group by its name to subject it to public shaming, ridicule, or accusation.
  • Using offensive, derogatory, or defamatory content with essential names in conjunction with important religious figures, websites, or historical places.
  • Participating in conspiracy theories, fallacious comments, or misinformation.
  • Any attempt to misspell, use word combinations, phonetic spellings, and homonyms that mask inappropriate material in communication on ZeniMax service. This includes using chats, voices, in-game messages, or texts with other communication mediums.
  • Using any information deemed to be hate speech at any time
  • Intentionally tricking, misleading, deceiving, gifting, or attempting to defraud another user or ZeniMax team member.
  • Use of confidence schemes, trade scams, or impersonations to trick people into using false or bogus information to misrepresent their intentions or defraud others for personal gain.
  • Disrupting other users in message forums or chat rooms in the game using vulgar or abusive language or disruptive behavior.
  • Spamming, thread bumping, bating, or flooding text messages in a messaging forum.
  • Advertising on ZeniMax services, including any venture with financial gain, other games, or another business or service.
  • Contravening a request or action by a ZeniMax staff member. You should also refrain from misusing the in-game support or making false reports about ZeniMax staff members.

ESO adheres to the ZeniMax code of conduct. Therefore, any violation of the above terms and conditions gives ESO the sole discretion to take appropriate action, including terminating your account.

How to Recover Your ESO Account

To submit an appeal for your banned or , consider following the process:

  1. Submit a ticket to customer support
  2. Use the account recovery page if you cannot log onto your website
  3. Fill in the form to your best ability

If you're using a different email address to recover your email, ensure that you include that in your form. You should also ensure that you have all your account information ready before contacting the support team.

Use DoNotPay to Recover Your ESO Account With Ease

Appealing a is not as easy as it sounds. ESO will probably reject your appeal if you fail to meet their requirements.

No need to break a sweat over this. Let DoNotPay help you appeal your suspended ESO account using the following three steps:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.

  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.

  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

And that's it. Completing these steps allows us to draft a customized appeal letter in less than five minutes and send it to ESO. The letter will indicate a two-week deadline to receive a response from the company. So, expect to hear from them as soon as possible.

Appeal Any Suspended Account With DoNotPay

DoNotPay works across all platforms. Just like we could send an appeal to unban you from ESO, we can assist you with the following as well:

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How Else Can DoNotPay Help?

DoNotPay is not simply for appealing banned accounts. You’ll be amazed at the endless list of tasks you can accomplish with our help.

Check out the issues we can assist you with below:

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