Learn About the Contractor Workmanship Warranty

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Facts You Should Know About the Contractor Workmanship Warranty

A contractor workmanship warranty is a specific type of warranty, and we can tell you all the details regarding its length and coverage. We can also offer you the easiest way of claiming car, home, and product warranties—DoNotPay.

What Is a Contractor Workmanship Warranty?

A contractor workmanship warranty is a way to protect your house. If you have this type of warranty, you can count on coverage for possible installation and workmanship errors.

If you don’t get a workmanship warranty, you could end up suffering numerous consequences in case your house has issues that have to do with installation.

This type of warranty will be in effect for a year after the construction work is done. You will need to speak with your contractor and check the specifics to see if they work differently.

The Difference Between a Workmanship and Manufacturer Warranty

You will usually come across two types of contractor warranties:

You can opt to have both, and that way, you will have everything covered. This means that these two cover different things. Here’s a brief overview of what each warranty will protect:

Type of WarrantyWhat It Covers

Workmanship Warranty

The work that a contractor does and all installation failures

Manufacturer Warranty

The materials as well as malfunctions caused by manufacturing mistakes and premature aging

What also makes these two types of warranties different is their length. The workmanship warranty will protect your house usually for one year, while the manufacturer warranty can last between ten and 30 years.

DoNotPay Can Help You File Home Warranty Claims Easily

DoNotPay can help you file home warranty claims and protect what is inside your house once it is done. To make sure you deal with this tedious task easily, you should use our app and avoid all the inconveniences.

Open DoNotPay in a , and follow these steps:

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DoNotPay will make sure the company gets your claim quickly, and the service contractor should get in touch with you soon after. Your virtual assistant will be there to show you the best options for home warranties in America based on our reviews.

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What if Your Warranty Claim Gets Rejected? DoNotPay Helps You Appeal It

DoNotPay understands the process of warranty claims and how it usually works. If your warranty request gets rejected, we offer a way of filing an appeal! The world's first AI Consumer Champion will be by your side with strong arguments that can help your case.

Let us help you fight bureaucracy by following these directions:

  1. Locate and select the Claim Warranty feature
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  3. Let us know if you’re filing an appeal against an extended warranty dealer or a product manufacturer
  4. Provide us with relevant info regarding your warranty claim and the company in question

And that’s all! You have only to sit and wait for the company to get in touch with you and tell you more about the status of your warranty claim.

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