How To Cancel Ameriprise Insurance

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Not Happy With Their Premiums? Cancel Ameriprise Insurance With DoNotPay!

Ameriprise Financial, Inc. is a bank holding company that provides various financial services. Besides insurance, they deal with asset and wealth management, annuities, and estate planning.

The types of insurance policies offered by Ameriprise include:

  • Auto & home insurance
  • Individual major medical health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Disability income insurance

How To Cancel Ameriprise Insurance in Mere Minutes

Finding the right insurance policy can be challenging. If you signed up for one of the Ameriprise insurance plans and found a better offer elsewhere, we will help you get rid of it without a hassle.

You won’t have to deal with unhelpful customer support staff or insurance salespeople convincing you to stay. Cutting your relationship with Ameriprise can be done in a few clicks that will take less than a minute:

  1. Set up your DoNotPay account in a of your choice
  2. Log in and select the tool called Find Hidden Money
  3. Enter Ameriprise or the name of their affiliate company that’s in charge of your policy

Our cancellation tool is ideal for those who wish to avoid delays, unhelpful email exchanges, or the cringy hold music. If you find yourself sifting through Ameriprise’s website and confusing policies and terminology, let DoNotPay jump to your side and finish the task on your behalf.

Alternative Ways To Cancel Ameriprise Insurance Policies

Ameriprise is a huge system involving several companies. RiverSource is an affiliate company that covers life, long-term care, and disability income insurance, while auto & home insurance policies are provided by Connect.

Navigating these websites won’t be easy. That’s why we have identified the possible ways to contact each company and request policy cancellations:

Can You Cancel WithYes/No
In PersonNo
Company WebsiteNo

Using Email To Cancel Ameriprise Insurance

RiverSource doesn’t give the option to contact them by email, but if you need to end your auto & home insurance policy, you can use this method to reach Connect. The email address where you can direct your questions about their cancellation process is

If you decide to write to Connect and initiate the termination of your car or home insurance plan, make sure to include relevant information like your account number, insurance policy dates, contact information, etc.

Using Phone To Cancel Ameriprise Insurance

If you’re trying to get rid of your life insurance policy acquired from Ameriprise through RiverSource, you can contact them over the phone. The process generally looks like this:

  1. Prepare your account information that representatives might need to initiate the cancellation
  2. Dial 800-862-7919
  3. Use DoNotPay to jump the queue and get connected to a representative right away
  4. Talk to the customer support agent and follow their instructions to finish your cancellation

If you live in New York, you should call 800-541-2251 instead. The customer care center’s business hours vary by location and can be found on the Contact Us page.

Those who want to contact Connect and cancel their policy by phone should dial 888-239-9953. You can reach their representatives Monday through Friday at 7 a.m.–10 p.m. and on Saturday at 8.30 a.m.–7 p.m. Central Time.

Using Postal Service To Cancel Ameriprise Insurance

If you opt for cancellation via letter, make sure to include your policy number, date, and signature, use certified mail, and prepare for long response times.

The addresses you should use to reach Connect and RiverSource are:

Connect AddressRiverSource Address
CONNECT, powered by American Family Insurance

PO Box 19054

Green Bay, WI 54307-9054

For New York residents:

RiverSource Life Insurance Company

70500 Ameriprise Financial Center

Minneapolis, MN 55474

For others:

RiverSource Life Insurance Company

70100 Ameriprise Financial Center

Minneapolis, MN 55474

Can I Get a Refund After Canceling Ameriprise Insurance Policies?

While specifics will depend on the policy type you want to cancel, you should be aware of the free look period. Depending on your location and the policy type, the free look period can last ten days or longer.

It can be compared to a money-back guarantee since insurance cancellations during this period usually come with a full refund.

Use DoNotPay To Cancel Other Unsatisfactory Subscriptions

No matter what kind of insurance policy you have, you will be able to eliminate those recurring charges with DoNotPay’s help. We have experience with companies like Mutual of Omaha, Humana, Aflac, Progressive, and many more.

By connecting your email address or bank account to our service, tracking and eliminating other monthly expenses will be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. If you forget about some subscription, DoNotPay will help you find it and save money by canceling it on the spot!

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