Best Way to Appeal When Your Bomba TV Account Got Suspended

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How to Unsuspend Your Bomba TV Account Using DoNotPay

Bomba TV account is an IPTV service that hosts more than 7000 live channels in different categories. The standard package cost is $15.00 per month, including news, entertainment, PPV, sports, etc. Bomba TV app can be installed on your Android-powered device, including Amazon, NVIDIA shield, and Fire TV.

Your or permanently deactivated due to failure to follow service terms and policies, among other reasons. Your account might be terminated even without receiving a prior warning from the company's customer support which can be a frustrating experience.

In such a scenario, you might reach the company support through email, which might get lost in the pile of emails the company receives daily. You can also try other methods like calling customer care or using social media platforms to contact customer care but to no avail.

Luckily, DoNotPay, through its Appeal Banned Accounts product, can help you appeal for your account to be unbanned. Read on for further details that could help you get back your accounts.

Everything You Need to Know About Bomba TV Account Banning

Your account might be suspended for various reasons.

  1. Underage User

Bomba Tv has set an age limit of 18 years to subscribe to their streaming service. Therefore, you must enter the right birthday; otherwise, you might be blocked from using the service. Sometimes, you might fill in the wrong birth date; in such a case, you should appeal for your account suspension and provide the correct birth dates. Take note that you must provide your birth certificate to serve as proof of your birth year.

  1. Admin Suspension

After subscribing to Bomba TV service, you have to adhere to the term and conditions of service failure to which you might have your account suspended. In such a case, the reason for account termination is best known by the admin. All in all, you can appeal and .

  1. Unverified Log-in

When you sign up for your Bomba account, you have to verify your account payment information; otherwise, your account will be suspended after your free trial is over. Bomba TV will have no business with you if you don't pledge to their service subscription.

  1. Account at Risk

If the admin notices suspicious log-ins to your account, he might temporarily suspend your account. You must verify using a message sent to your email to get it restored. Sometimes you might be required to change your password to prevent future malicious activities.

  1. Violation of Terms of Service

Every company has its specified terms and conditions of its service, and Bomba TV is no exception. The terms highlight the consequences of defying, and one of them is account termination. The severity of the violation determines the measure to be taken; thus, you will be banned permanently if you have flouted many of the policies.

Can Your Bomba TV Account Be Suspended Due to Payments Concerns?

What binds your relationship with Bomba TV is its services and the subscription you pay for it. Therefore, your account might be suspended for issues related to your account subscription, including:

  1. Failure to pay your subscription. If you don't honor your monthly subscription, your account will be temporarily terminated until you clear your outstanding balance.
  2. Expiry of a free trial. Bomba TV streaming service gives you a free trial before enrolling in the paid subscription. You have to provide your credit card information to renew automatically when the free trial expires. If you skip the payment method step, you will enjoy the trial, but your account will be banned immediately.
  3. Annual account subscription cancellation. In this case, your account will be terminated until you resolve your account issue.

How to Unban Your Bomba TV Account by Yourself

There are cases when your account can be suspended temporarily; in such a case, you should wait until the day your suspension will be lifted. On the contrary, if your account is suspended permanently, you can follow the following steps to restore it:

  • Appeal for Bomba TV to unban your account if you are sure you didn't violate any service term. Your account will not be reinstated if you have defied any of the Company's service policies.
  • Reach to the company customer support through social media. You can try to reach the company's customer support through a call, but chances are very low to have your call responded to. The best option to get them is through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and more.
  • If you have a large number of followers on either Twitter or Facebook, you should take advantage of it and post your complaint there. If your post has been retweeted by many, the company support is likely to notice it and consider your complaint and respond to it.

Discover How to Unsuspend Your Bomba TV Account Using DoNotPay

You can use DIY methods to unban your Bomba TV account, but it will not be easy. First, you should understand that Bomba TV will not unsuspend your account unless you present considerable reasons to have it restored. You can make the process easy by engaging DoNotPay, which will legally push them to consider your unban request.

We help you in three easy steps:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.

  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.

  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

And that’s it! DoNotpay will draft an appeal letter customized just for you in a matter of five minutes and send it to the company right away. The appeal letter includes a two-week deadline so fingers crossed, you’ll get a response very soon.

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