What to Do When You've Been Banned From Your Big Fish Casino Account

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Appeal Your Banned Big Fish Casino Account With DoNotPay

Big Fish Casino stands as one of the largest and most successful social casinos. It's owned and operated by the Big Fish Games, a game developer based in Seattle. It's well known for over 400 Facebook games and 3,500 PC games.

To play Big Fish Casino, you can log in with your Facebook account or your email address. You can choose your username and password once you have created your account.

Several reasons can have your Big Fish Casino account banned. But if you feel you don’t deserve the ban, appealing for your account may help you recover it. This seems easy, but the bureaucratic process you have to follow isn't quite enjoyable.

DoNotPay offers the perfect solution for your . All you have to do is follow three simple steps, and we'll help you recover your account in the easiest way possible.

What Reasons Can Make Big Fish Casino Ban Your Account

It's recommended that you understand the reasons for your Big Fish Casino ban so you can take the proper steps when appealing for your suspended account.

Here are the reasons that can cause your Big Fish Casino to be banned:

  • Posting, promoting, transmitting, or distributing illegal content
  • Harassing or threatening any other Big Fish Casino account holder, employee, or contractor
  • Impersonating another person, indicating that you're a Big Fish Casino representative or employee, or attempting to mislead a user that you represent Big Fish in any way
  • Attempting to obtain a password or other account information from another Big Fish account holder
  • Uploading a file, software, or images to a Big Fish account holder that you don't have the right to distribute or contain viruses, any invasive code, corrupted data, or a malicious program
  • Posting different messages other than personal communication, including chain letters, promotional materials, pyramid schemes, soliciting funds, sending spam, or making commercial use of a Big Fish casino account holder
  • Disrupting normal dialogue flow or acting negatively to affect or disrupt other users
  • Making false complaint buttons or false complaints to Big Fish Casino representatives
  • Communicating or posting a player's real-world personal information through a Big Fish Casino account or a related bulletin board
  • Transmitting or uploading a material as an active or passive information transmission or collection mechanisms, such as 1x1 pixel web bugs, gifts, and similar devices.
  • Launching or using an automated system such as cheat utility, spider bot, offline reader, or scraper that accesses Big Fish Casino's account holder and launch an unauthorized software or script
  • Creating and using false email addresses or disguising yourself as a Big Fish Casino account holder using anonymizing tools
  • Circumventing or interfering with Big Fish Casino accounts security features that restrict or limit the use and access of the account.
  • Attempting to sell part of Big Fish Casino, including virtual items, and exchange them for real money or currency
  • Engaging in activities that are deemed to conflict with the spirit of the Big Fish account

Big Fish retains the right to terminate any Big Fish Casino account holder who violates these terms and conditions without notification. Big Fish also retains the right to terminate your account and any dispute arising directly or indirectly concerning:

  1. Provisions contained in Big Fish application or enforcement of their terms and condition
  2. All the changes you've made to your account
  3. Your ability to access or use your Big Fish Casino account
  4. Any surcharges, fees, billing methods, applicable taxes, applied through the Big Fish casino account

How Do You Appeal an Account Ban by Big Fish Casino?

If your Big Fish Casino account disappears, you can try to regain it. Your decision to regain the account depends on whether you've linked your account to Facebook or not.

If you've linked your account to Facebook, use the following steps to try to regain your account:

  • Open Big Fish Casino account in your web browser or download it on your phone
  • Open the Big Fish Casino
  • Tap the gear-shaped icon
  • Tap account or account settings
  • Tap connect
  • Enter your Facebook information, if this request pops up
  • Confirm that you want to import your Facebook-linked account

If this process is successful, your new account will overwrite the account imported from Facebook.

If your account isn't linked with Facebook, you need to reach out to customer care support and share the following information to recover your account:

  1. Your friend code
  2. The friend code that appears on your device
  3. A description of the profile picture used in your account
  4. The approximate level that you've reached
  5. Your club
  6. Your username
  7. Information about your last two purchases

The customer support team will try to recover your account using this information. However, since there's no prior communication from Big Fish account termination, they will probably not respond to your request.

Get Your Big Fish Casino Account Back With Ease Using DoNotPay

Appealing for a seems an uphill task. But you don't have to struggle with this process with DoNotPay at your disposal.

We can help you appeal your account back using the following easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and locate the Unban My Account product.

  2. Answer a few questions related to your banned account.

  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button.

We will craft a perfect appeal letter within five minutes and send it to Big Fish Casino. The letter gives them a two-week ultimatum to respond to your request. Expect to hear from them soon!

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