Learn How To Find the Best ASVAB Math Practice Test

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This Is the Best ASVAB Math Practice Test—Find Out Why!

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is a multiple-aptitude series of subtests used to measure the abilities and potential of, usually, young people who want to enlist in the military. The Department of Defense developed this test to ensure that everyone finds their place within the military. The ASVAB test scores you get will determine which occupation you’ll belong to in the Army.

This article will take you through the general information on the length of the ASVAB test, what you need to pass, and where to practice. We will focus on one of the most important parts of the test—math—for people who strive for higher goals, like becoming a marine or an air force officer.

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What Are the ASVAB Test Sections?

The ASVAB test has two versions—the enlistment ASVAB test and Career Exploration Program (CEP). They are only different because the enlistment ASVAB test is used for recruitment in the Army, while CEP is used for assessing students’ interests.

Depending on your high school, you might do the ASVAB test in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. If you do the ASVAB test for career exploration, you are in no obligation to join the Army.

The ASVAB test consists of nine sections that all assess different skills.

The nine subtests determine your knowledge in:

  1. Arithmetic reasoning
  2. Word knowledge
  3. General science
  4. Mathematical knowledge
  5. Electronics information
  6. Paragraph comprehension
  7. Auto and shop information
  8. Mechanical comprehension
  9. Assembling objects

What Are the Methods of Taking the ASVAB Test?

You can take ASVAB at a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) or the Military Entrance Test (MET) website. These stations use different test delivery methods.

Learn more about delivery methods in the following table:

Station and Delivery MethodAbout


  • The test is adaptive
  • Every following question is based on the previous response
  • Correct answers ensure more difficult problems
  • Incorrect answers ensure easier questions
  • No returning to questions you’ve already answered to
  • Wrong answers have penalty points
  • The pace of the testing is determined by you


  • No customized testing pace—everyone has the same amount of time
  • Changing and reviewing answers is available
  • The test is done together with the group
  • No penalty points for incorrect answers
  • Unanswered questions are labeled as incorrect

Everything You Should Know About the ASVAB Math Test

The most important piece of information about the ASVAB math test is that it’s a part of the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score. The AFQT score is what determines the branch of the military that you’ll be assigned to.

The time and amount of questions on the math test depend on the delivery method.

  • The CAT-ASVAB—It has 16 multiple-choice questions that are computer-adaptive. The time limit is 20 minutes. After the time expires, you have to move on to the next topic
  • The P&P-ASVAB—This math test has 25 multiple-choice questions and allows you 24 minutes to complete them

The ASVAB math test will measure the knowledge you acquired in high school. To get the highest score, you’ll need to focus and solve the tasks quickly.

The topics that the ASVAB Math test will include are:

  • Functions
  • Geometry
  • Order of operations
  • Terminology and formulas
  • Fractions, exponents, and numbers
  • Algebraic expressions and equations

Keep in mind that you won’t be allowed calculators and formula sheets on the test.

You can get a score from one to 100. The average score—also known as mean—is 50. You can ask your recruiter what you should do next in your enlistment process.

If you don’t find your ASVAB scores satisfactory, you can retake the test after a month. You have two attempts. The downside of retaking the test is that you can’t take only one subtest. You have to redo the whole ASVAB test. Your recruiter will have more information about what you should do.

Where Can You Find the ASVAB Math Practice Test?

You can find various ASVAB math practice tests online, or you could ask your high school counselor to provide you with the tests.

You can search Google for the practice tests, but the results can be overwhelming and take up too much of your precious time. The official ASVAB page has some practice tests. Another resource you might find useful is Today’s Military website.

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What Are the Minimum Required ASVAB Test Scores?

If you’re planning to become a military official, there are minimum requirements that you need to fulfill when it comes to test scores. You can find information about the military profession and the minimal AFQT score you need to acquire on the ASVAB test to be considered for a position:

The Branch of the MilitaryAFQT Score—Minimum
Air Force36/99
Coast Guard40/99

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