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Air China—Lost Baggage Found Hassle-Free

Losing luggage after a flight can make your trip super stressful. The process of recovering it is often challenging and lengthy, especially if you don’t know what to do to start your search. This article will give you an idea of how to report and retrieve Air China lost baggage and teach how to .

How To File a Lost Baggage Report With Air China

You can report lost baggage on the Air China baggage service counter or to other baggage service departments responsible for the airline’s ground handling.

You will be required to complete and submit a Record of Baggage Transport Irregularities form. To file your report, have the following items ready:

  • Valid personal identification
  • Baggage claim tag of the missing luggage

In some cases, the following documents might also be necessary:

  • Flight boarding pass
  • Physical copy of your ticket or e-ticket itinerary
  • Duplicate of the checked luggage ticket

You will be given the Record of Baggage Transport Irregularities report once you finish submitting your inquiry and all the important details. Keep this document safe so you can use it to track the progress of your claim.

The Next Step to Handling Air China Lost Baggage

Air China will keep you updated on your baggage status. If you have any questions, you can contact their representatives using the information found on your copy of Record of Baggage Transport Irregularities. You can track the progress of your lost baggage claim using Air China’s Check Lost and Delayed Baggage tool.

Once your baggage has been located, Air China staff will get in touch with you to discuss delivery arrangements.

If 72 hours have passed and your baggage is nowhere to be found, customer support will contact you to discuss compensation.

Air China Lost Baggage Compensation Policy

Air China is subject to compensation limits. Consult the following table for more details:

International FlightsDomestic Flights
  1. Flights regulated by the Warsaw Convention are eligible for compensation of up to 17 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) per kilogram of luggage
  2. For flights under the Montreal Convention, the compensation will be paid according to the actual value of the loss if you can provide proof. The compensation limit of 1288 SDR applies to both cabin and checked luggage
  1. Compensation for checked baggage is RMB 100 per kilogram (around $15.54 USD). If the baggage value is lower than that, compensation will be paid based on the luggage value
  2. Compensation for carry-ons is capped at RMB 3,000 (approximately $466 USD) per passenger
  3. Flights to and from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan are subject to the international flights regulation

You can convert the value of SDR to USD by visiting the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website.

Compensations for delayed baggage should be claimed within 21 days of receiving your baggage. If the item in question is damaged, you must file the claim within seven days of receiving it.

If you have any questions regarding Air China baggage compensation, you can dial 95583-1-6 for more info.

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