Get the Best Tips and Tricks for a Simpler Southwest Lost Baggage Claim Submission

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Submitting a Southwest Lost Baggage Claim Without Breaking a Sweat

Seeing that your luggage didn’t reach the destination after a flight is one of the biggest disappointments you may experience when traveling. Such scenarios are common with Southwest Airlines, as this company loses more bags than any other air carrier—along with American Airlines.

If this happens to you, you must react fast to retrieve the missing luggage as soon as possible. The best way to track down the lost baggage is to inform the airline about the incident by submitting a Southwest lost baggage claim. This article helps you familiarize yourself with this process and explains how can speed it up!

What Should You Do if Your Luggage Gets Lost After Flying With Southwestern?

If your luggage doesn’t appear within four hours from arriving at the airport, you should report the loss to the company’s Baggage Service Office:

  • By phone
  • In person

Here’s how to do both:

MethodSteps To Follow
  1. Dial (800) 435-9792
  2. Let the operator know that your baggage got lost
  3. Provide additional details, such as:
    1. Personal info
    2. Luggage tag number
    3. Destination you came from
    4. Plane ticket number
In person
  1. Visit the Baggage Service Office (it’s located in the baggage claim or ticketing area)
  2. Find the representative and inform them about the incident
  3. Disclose all the details the reps may need to locate your lost baggage more easily
  4. Provide your contact info to the agents so that they can contact you if they have further questions

Regardless of the contact method you choose, you will get a receipt with a number once you file a missing luggage report. There’s no other way to check the status of your claim than to call the Baggage Service Office, provide the agent with the code, and let them check if there are any updates.

How Long Will It Take the Agents To Locate Your Lost Bags at Southwest?

The proposed time frame for finding your luggage is five business days. If the company doesn’t manage to track it down by the end of this deadline, the operators will offer you a form you should complete to pursue your claim with Central Baggage Services.

What if Your Baggage Was Damaged?

The procedure for reporting the damaged item is similar to the one for reporting the missing luggage, but you should have the following in mind:

  • Southwest isn’t responsible for manufacturer defects or wear-and-tear damage, such as:
    • Scuffs
    • Cuts
    • Scratches
    • Marks
    • Dirt
    • Punctures
    • Dents
  • The airline is also not liable for damage due to overstuffed bags or passenger compartments in aircrafts

What Can DoNotPay Do To Make Contacting the Airport Easier?

Whether you are looking for a missing phone, wallet, or a lost piece of baggage, getting in touch with the airport or a specific airline is unavoidable. To report the missing item, you must wait for the agent to pick up your call and spend a significant amount of time explaining how the incident occurred. The good news is—we can facilitate this process for you!

DoNotPay can:

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  3. Fill out a quick questionnaire regarding the lost item/baggage

Our app can also assist you with submitting a refund request for delayed and canceled flights! All you should do is provide us with the essential info about how the company has wronged you. We will get in touch with the airline in your stead and get your money back quickly!

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