Frontier—Lost Baggage Collected With DoNotPay

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Frontier—Lost Baggage Found Easily With DoNotPay’s Help

If you’ve lost your baggage after flying with Frontier Airlines, reporting the issue as soon as possible is crucial. Our article will list all the solutions for your Frontier lost baggage problem and show you how to reach out to the adequate office in no time! With our app’s handy tool, you won’t have to wait in phone queues talking to representatives or filling out long forms.

What To Do if You Lose Baggage After Flying With Frontier Airlines?

You must report your missing baggage within 12 hours of landing. You can make a lost baggage claim with a Frontier Airlines agent at your arrival destination or:

  1. Contact the Central Baggage Office
  2. Fill out a Frontier Airlines lost luggage online form

How To Contact the Central Baggage Office

To contact the Central Baggage Office, you need to dial (801) 401-9000 and say “baggage” when prompted. Once the customer support representative answers, you should explain your problem and give them the following info:

  • Description of your baggage
  • Luggage tag number
  • Your name and surname
  • Your contact information

How To Fill Out a Frontier Airlines Lost Baggage Online Form

To report your missing baggage online, you need to go to the Frontier Airlines delayed baggage page and type in these details:

  • Your email address
  • The reservation code (six-digit code found on your itinerary)
  • Flight number
  • Flight destination
  • Date of travel
  • Number of bags checked
  • Baggage color and tag number
  • A detailed description of your baggage

Use DoNotPay and Report Your Missing Baggage in No Time

Reporting missing baggage on time is key if you want to get it back. That’s why DoNotPay has developed a tool that enables you to contact the airline you flew with in a snap. With our AI-powered app, you won’t have to waste time filling out online forms or talking to customer service representatives. We will deal with the issue in your stead once you complete these steps:

  1. from your preferred browser
  2. Select our Find Lost Airport Items tool
  3. Give us the necessary information, such as:
    1. Date of your flight
    2. Description of the luggage

We will process your request quickly and contact Frontier Airlines in your stead. If your baggage is found, we will report back to you.

Besides helping you find lost baggage, DoNotPay can also assist you in contacting any airport’s lost and found office when searching for your lost items, such as a wallet, phone, car keys, and similar.

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Can You Get a Compensation if Your Baggage Was Damaged?

If your baggage arrived in a damaged condition, you can get compensation if you report it to the Central Baggage Office by:

  1. Dialing (801) 401-9000
  2. Saying ‘Baggage’
  3. Explaining your issue to the office representative

Keep in mind that Frontier Airlines won’t approve your claim if your luggage was overstuffed.

How To Lower the Chances of Losing Baggage Again

Check out the table to find out how to minimize the risk of losing baggage again:

Get luggage that stands outPurchase a brightly colored suitcase (e.g., pink or yellow) that can easily be spotted in a crowd
Attach tags to your luggageBuy a customizable tag and attach it to your luggage. This way, anyone who finds it will see your name and contact info
Purchase a tracking deviceVarious companies, such as Trakdot or LugLoc, sell devices that can be used to track your luggage by connecting it to your smartphone

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