Aer Lingus Missing Baggage—How To Report It Without Breaking a Sweat

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Reporting the Aer Lingus Missing Baggage With Zero Fuss

Have you realized that your baggage didn’t reach the airport after an Aer Lingus flight? No worries—it’s a common scenario, and you can retrieve your belongings. All you need to do is learn the right way to inform the company about the loss.

This article will teach you how to:

  • File a report for the Aer Lingus missing baggage yourself
  • Check the status of your report claim once you make it
  • Act if your baggage was damaged
  • to reach the desired airport and track your luggage, phone, wallet, or any other lost item without difficulties

How To Report the Aer Lingus Lost Luggage

If you believe that Aer Lingus mishandled your baggage, the best way to deal with the matter is to report the loss/delay as soon as possible. You can do it:

  • In person
  • Over the phone

Filing a Lost Baggage Report in Person

Here are the steps you should follow to report the misplaced baggage in person:

  1. Visit the information desk at the airport where you landed
  2. Explain to the agent that your luggage is missing
  3. Provide them with specific details that may help them trace your bags, such as:
    1. Personal details
    2. Baggage tag number
    3. State/city you’re coming from
    4. Airplane ticket number

The operators will contact you once they track down your luggage to arrange the delivery to your home address.

Filing a Lost Baggage Report via Phone

The procedure of reporting missing luggage over the phone is similar to the in person one. The only difference is that instead of visiting the airport help desk, you should call the baggage department at (855) 567-8224 and describe the issue.

How To Check the Status of the Aer Lingus Lost Baggage Claim

Aer Lingus’s specific software allows you to check the status of your report claim. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to do it:

  1. Go to the Aer Lingus official website
  2. Select the Travel Information tab
  3. Click on Missing or Damaged Baggage under the Baggage Information section
  4. Scroll down to the Check Your Baggage Status button and select it
  5. Enter your Baggage File Reference Number and your name
  6. Pick Submit

How Much Time Will It Take for Agents To Trace Your Luggage?

The Aer Lingus agents should be able to find your missing belongings within 72 hours (three days).

If they don’t manage to do it by the specified deadline, the next step for you is completing a delayed baggage questionnaire and submitting it to the Central Baggage Tracing Service. The email address to which you should send it is

The company will return your questionnaire within 3–21 business days and solve the matter accordingly.

What if Your Baggage Is Damaged?

You report damaged items by using the same communication channels as when reporting missing luggage. The report must be submitted as soon as possible after arrival. If you hold any type of travel insurance, it’s best to contact the provider first and start a claim.

Here are more details about the responsibilities Aer Lingus bears when it comes to damaged items or baggage:

Your Baggage Is Aer Lingus Responsible for It
Was damaged during the flightYes
Has minor or normal wear and tear damage to the exterior of the luggageNo
Misses an item (items)Yes
Was damaged in cabinNo

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